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Email Campaigns


Sugar Market provides several email deployment tools that can be used individually or collectively to execute simple or complex marketing campaigns. Each email tool features unique functions. This section explains how to set up, design, and send email campaigns using Sugar Market's Email Builder tool. Please see the Sugar Market Help Articles for information on legacy email tools. Refer to the Nurtures topic to learn about the Sugar Market feature that allows you to easily create multi-touch campaigns in a smooth, easily navigable visual designer.

For information on configuring your email settings, please refer to the Onboarding Reference page.

The Email Campaigns documentation contains the following pages:

Allowlisting Sending IP Addresses

If you did not allowlist Sugar Market's sending IP addresses on your mail server during your onboarding, then please ensure you allowlist the following addresses for your region before you begin creating email campaigns. This will ensure that internal notifications will be delivered to your team.

Region Sending IP Address Ranges
US - - -
APAC - - - -