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Managing Campaigns


To manage your emails: 

  1. In the navigation bar, click the Emails module.
  2. Click the Emails submodule.

The Status column will display the current status of an email:

  • Draft: The email is in progress but has never been sent.
  • Sent: The email is complete and has been sent to all recipients designated in the email.
  • Scheduled: The email is complete and is scheduled to be sent at the time designated in the email.
  • Error: The email could not be sent due to an error.

SM  UG EMB20 status

Searching for Emails

The manage emails view defaults to a list view with the most recent email at the top. If you prefer to browse by the folder in which the email is saved you can click the Folder View icon in the toolbar.


To sort your view you can either click a column header or click the sort icon in the toolbar.

SM UG EMB managesort

To search for a specific email, type the email name in the search bar at the top of the page and then press your Return key or click the magnifying glass icon.

SM UG EMB searchcampaign

To perform an advanced search click the Advanced Search icon next to the search bar.

Viewing Email Details

Select a row to display email details or click a sent email name to display the email in the Email Dashboard. Click the name of a Draft or Scheduled email to open the email in Email Builder.

Editing Emails

You can only edit emails that are in Draft status. To edit an email:

  1. Select a row and then click the pencil icon in the toolbar. You can also click any email's name to edit an email.
  2. To access additional edit options, with a row selected, click the three-dots menu to display the following:
    • Source Code: Open a window that contains the email's HTML code. You can copy this code to your system clipboard, but you can not edit the code. 
    • Duplicate: Make a copy of the email.
    • Rename: Change the email name.
    • Archive: Remove the email from the current view. To access archived email, click the Switch to Archived icon in the toolbar.
    • Delete: Delete the Draft email from Sugar Market. For Scheduled emails, first unschedule the email and then the delete option becomes available. For Sent emails, use the Archive option instead.
    • Unschedule: For emails scheduled to be sent at a future time, this option removes the email from the scheduler and changes the email to draft status. (This option only appears for emails in the scheduled status.)

Copying Emails

You can copy an email to use as a starting point for a new email; however, email recipients are not copied. Set your include and exclude lists in the newly copied email. To copy an email:

  1. Select a row and then click the three-dots menu from the toolbar.
  2. Select "Duplicate" and then click the OK button. The email is copied in Draft status and "(Copy)" is appended to the email title.

Unscheduling Emails

While we recommend you leave your email in Draft status until you are ready to schedule the send, you can unschedule if there is enough time before the scheduled send (i.e. if you initiate an unschedule 30 minutes prior to the planned send, it may be too late).

  1. Select a row and then click the three-dots menu from the toolbar.
  2. Select "Unschedule" and then click the "Yes, unschedule" button. The email is returned to draft status.
    SM UG EMB unschedule

Deleting Emails

You can delete draft emails from Sugar Market, but this cannot be undone, so proceed with caution.

  1. Select a row and then click the three-dots menu from the toolbar.
  2. Select "Delete" and then click "Yes, delete" on the confirmation.
    SM UG EMB delete