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Customer Journey Plug-in 5.9.0 Release Notes


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the 5.9.0 release of the Customer Journey Plug-in. For information on supported platforms, please refer to the Connectors Supported Platforms page.

Feature Enhancements

  • Support for Sugar 11.3.x (Q1 2022): This version of the Customer Journey Plug-in can be used with supported Sugar versions up to 11.3.x.
  • Copy activities: It is now possible to copy call, meeting, and task activities from the activity's Actions menu in a running journey as well as from the journey template.
  • Dark mode support: You can now enjoy viewing and configuring your journeys in Sugar's dark mode, which was introduced in Sugar's 11.2.x (Q4 2021) release.
  • Customer Journey dashlet for Focus Drawers: The Customer Journey dashlet can now be added to Focus Drawer dashboards. The dashlet shows the fully interactive, running journey for the record in focus.
  • Cancel or delete journeys via SugarBPM: Administrators can programmatically cancel or delete a running journey when specified criteria are met by using a Change Fields action to update the "Is Cancelled" or "Is Deleted" field on the journey record to TRUE.
  • Specify an order for activities added via Related Sugar Action: The "Populate Fields" option on Related Sugar Actions can now be used to set the field "Customer Journey Order" when the RSA is used to create tasks, meetings, and calls related to the running journey.
  • Point-allocation options for "Not Applicable" activities: The "Not Applicable Action" field has been added to journey templates to allow the administrator to decide whether activities marked "Not Applicable" should be closed as 10/10 (default) or 0/0 points for the journey.
  • License-expired grace period: When the Customer Journey license is nearing expiration or exceeding the maximum user allowance, users and administrators will see a notification on the journey panel and on the License and Validation screen. The notification will persist for a 14-day grace period or until the license has been updated. 

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of the Customer Journey Plug-in:

  • 88299: 'Error' when starting a Customer Journey with User's Date Format m-d-Y
  • 88300: 'Error curl error (3): malformed' when checking for updates

The following additional issues have been resolved for this release:

  • Webhooks may not trigger when a relate field is used to fetch a value.
  • When adding a List View dashlet, the Current Stage is not shown.
  • The Customer Journey Plugin license is improperly marked as "Invalid".
  • The ID of the activity appears instead of its name in the activity create view's "Start Date Activity" field.
  • Related Sugar Actions are not copied when a Journey is copied.
  • Contacts in the parent record's subpanels are not added as guests when "Add All Contacts From Parent" is set on the call or meeting template.

Additional Information

The following pages contain information related to the use and installation of the most recent version of the Customer Journey Plug-in.