Let the platform do the work

Connectors Supported Platforms

Connector Connector Version Sugar Versions
Sugar Automate 1,2 6.0.0 12.0.x
Customer Journey Plug-in 3 5.10.0 12.0.0
Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator 1.7.0 12.0.x, 13.0.x, 13.3.x, 14.0.x
Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.3.0 12.0.x, 13.0.x, 13.3.x, 14.0.x

Sugar Automate was formerly named Customer Journey Plug-in. 
2 Beginning with Sugar 12.3, Sugar Automate is built-in to the Sugar codebase and managed via license, so it is no longer managed as a connector.
3 Customer Journey Plug-in is now named Sugar Automate