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    This article explains several ways to use SugarBPM to assign a Sugar record to a new user.
    This article covers the basic steps for automating business processes using SugarBPM.
    At which point in the sales cycle does your team typically win or lose business? In order to track and report on this insightful data in Sugar, you need to know what the opportunity's Sales Stage value was before it changed to "Closed Won" or "Closed Lost". This article uses SugarBPM to capture the last sales stage before an opportunity closes.
    This article will cover how to best to evaluate your business process, create the appropriate custom teams, and create a process definition that allows a specialized team to claim pending approvals.
    Administrators can export process definitions created via SugarBPM and import them into the same or another qualified Sugar instance. This article covers best practices for exporting and importing process definition records.
    This article covers how to use SugarBPM to trigger a process or a step in a process based on a field changing from one value to another specified value. This is useful in a variety of situations where certain "From" or "To" values for a field have special significance in your business flows.
    When using the SugarBPM visual designer for creating process definitions, a validation job periodically runs. This article explains the errors and warnings that may be returned on validation and how to resolve them.
    Process definitions created in SugarBPM may contain Wait events which pause the execution of a process by a certain time interval. If a Wait event or supporting mechanism is not properly configured, the flow will be halted indefinitely, thereby stopping the flow of the process. This article covers some common reasons that a process may get stuck on a Wait event.
    When using SugarBPM, a process email template is required in order to send email alerts or notifications from a process definition. This article will go over how to resolve blank email notifications sent via the Send Message event in a process definition.
    Process definitions created via SugarBPM may contain Activities and/or Actions, both of which can be configured using a round-robin assignment method. This article covers when to use a Round Robin Activity versus a Round Robin Action.
    There are many similarities between the legacy Workflows module and SugarBPM™, but each offers unique benefits. This article explains some of their key similarities and differences.
    In many businesses, new accounts are assigned to sales reps based on location. This article explains how to use the Process Business Rules and Process Definitions modules to automatically assign records based on their address.
    This article will walk you through creating an automated case escalation process that reassigns cases to the next support tier based on how long the case has been open.
    It is common practice to notify specific teams or users when an important record is created in Sugar®. This article covers how to use SugarBPM to design a process definition that automatically sends email notifications to select teams or users upon record creation.

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