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Using ProxyTrace to Troubleshoot the Outlook Plug-In


This article makes use of a tool called ProxyTrace available from PocketSOAP. The ProxyTrace tool allows us to view the XML data transferred between the Outlook plug-in and your SugarCRM server.

Steps to Complete

Capturing the exchange of information between Outlook and Sugar is fairly simple:

  1. Download the ProxyTrace tool to your client machine (the same machine running Outlook).
  2. Extract the zip file to a directory (e.g. C:ProxyTrace).
  3. Double click proxyTrace.exe.
  4. Set the "Listen on Port #" to an unused port (e.g. 81).
  5. Click "OK".
  6. Open Outlook (the Outlook plug-in should already be installed).
  7. Navigate to Tools > Sugar Options.
  8. Click the Advanced Tab.
  9. Check the box for Use proxy Server.
  10. Leave the Username and Password fields blank.
  11. Enter as the URL.
    Note: Use your fully qualified IP address if your SugarCRM instance is running on the same machine as Outlook
  12. Set the Port field to the port configured in step 4 (81).
  13. Click Test Settings You should see "Test Successful: Proxy settings passed".
  14. Switch to the proxyTrace window.
  15. Notice the list of entries in the left-hand column.
    Note: Each entry represents a request from the Outlook plug-in to your SugarCRM server.
  16. Select one of the entries.
  17. The right-hand side of the window shows the request and response for the selected entry.
    Note: The top portion is the request and the bottom portion is the response.

The request and response data can be helpful in troubleshooting unusual Outlook plug-in issues.


Last modified: 2018-06-05 15:57:27