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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

EMB 1.0

Email Builder 1.0 (EMB 1.0) is Sugar Market's legacy email offering. 

While the legacy functionality linked below is still supported in the product, we recommend using our latest Email Builder tool for the best user experience. Please refer to the Email Builder Campaigns documentation in the Sugar Market User Guide to learn more.

Create EMB 1.0 campaigns by navigating to Create > Campaign > Single Email:

SM KB EMB10 menu

Access existing EMB 1.0 campaigns by navigating to Manage > Campaigns > Single Emails. Campaigns created with Email Builder 1.0 are identified by the open mail icon:

SM KB EMB10 manage




    Step 1: Choose the type of email
    Step 1: Select a Template, Theme or Campaign
    Step 1: Decide where you want to build your Template
    When configuring an email, here is what to expect of the From and Reply-To field:
    Advanced A/B in Email Builder offers users a simple in-flow setup process to automate campaign testing with the greatest precision and control. Whereas basic A/B splits your email audience, sending half to version A and half to version B, Advanced A/B allows the user to specify the percentage of recipients they want to receive the test emails, with the ultimate goal being to determine the best email (or "winner") and to send the remainder of the list the best performing email. The solution offers additional flexibility and precision by allowing the user to specify which criteria (open or click rate) determines the winning email.
    Sugar Market offers a basic HTML editor to code your own email. An organization that employs HTML designers/programmers on a regular basis may wish to take advantage of this method. Simply copy and paste the HTML from your preferred HTML application directly into the code view located on the left. The preview of the email will appear on the right panel.
    Marketers find it helpful to define all Global Styles prior to dragging components into the stage.
    Global styles are the rules that manage the appearance of typography and specific sections of an email campaign or template. These settings will influence the entire design of the email. Below are the Global Style options that are available in the Sugar Market drag-and-drop editor:
    Drag-and-drop components are the content building blocks to your email campaign. To enable a component click and hold on the component then drag it over to the block on your stage where you would like that content to exist. Below is a description of each component:
    The following options edit the button's appearance.
    The divider component will render a horizontal line or provide additional vertical spacing between content sections. The following options are available to modify the divider:
    Once an image has been selected in the Email Builder, the control panel will be activated with the image editing options. These options are also available after the image has been saved on the stage. Each image has a URL and that URL is displayed in the first form field.
    When dragged onto the stage, the text component will display a standard message. The text component has a native 10px padding on all sides. Select the text on the stage to activate editing on the control panel.
    Before getting started with anchors it is important to note that not all email providers support anchors within email. Additionally, anchor text with spaces (e.g. "Best Practices") is not supported by Outlook. Removing the space(s) from your anchor is one strategy to increase the likelihood of the email client supporting the anchor but is not guaranteed.
    The best way to create a mobile responsive email is to utilize the drag and drop components to designate unique text sections. Tables inserted into a text component are not mobile responsive. Mobile devices will compress the columns rather than stack them. If you must utilize a table we recommend that the table does not expand the entire width of the email. It will perform better if limited to 50% of width or less or inserted into a two or three column text component.
    Recognizing the importance of building an email end to end without disruption, Email Builder offers easy access to Landing Page URLs without having to leave the build experience to link to a button or text.
    In order to duplicate a previously sent email campaign in EMB, follow these steps:
    Sugar Market offers three unique email testing options:
    You can include and exclude lists from the following categories:
    We're introducing a new feature to improve sending emails within Email Builder: the ability to schedule one campaign to be sent in multiple batches.
    To add recipients after you have already sent an email campaign, navigate to Analyze > Campaigns > Email Status. With the desired email highlighted, hover your mouse over the Actions dropdown arrow on the far right, and then select the Add More Recipients option.

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