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SugarCloud Offerings

Sugar customers have several options for where to host their instance. If you choose to use Sugar's cloud-hosting service, the following options are also included based on the Sugar product (e.g., Sugar Serve) purchased. For more information about these cloud services, refer to the SugarCloud Policy Guide.

Included Cloud Services Serve
Sell Premier Sell Advanced Sell Essentials Market
Cloud Backups for 1 Instance 1 daily daily daily twice per month every 6 hours
File System Storage Limits 2  15 GB + 0.25 GB/user 30 GB + 0.25 GB/user 15 GB + 0.25 GB/user 7 GB 4 N/A
Database Storage Limits 2 15 GB + 0.25 GB/user 30 GB + 0.25 GB/user 15 GB + 0.25 GB/user 7 GB 4 N/A
Cloud Sandboxes 3 2 2 2 0 $100/m
Email Contacts (initial quantity) N/A N/A N/A N/A 10,000

Daily backups for additional SugarCloud instances can be purchased.
2 Managed Storage limits apply as a cumulative total across all production and sandbox instances. Additional storage can be purchased.
3 Additional cloud sandboxes can be purchased. 
4 Sugar Sell Essentials customers can purchase additional managed storage per user or upgrade to Sugar Sell Advanced. Please contact us for more information. 

Managed Storage Limits

To calculate the total amount of Managed Storage allowance for your Sugar product, take the base storage limit (e.g., 15 GB) plus an additional X GB (e.g., 0.25) for each user seat purchased for your SugarCRM subscription. For example, if your organization purchased Sugar Sell Advanced with 24 user seats, your total file system and database storage limits will be calculated as shown below. For more information on how the total file system and database storage limits are calculated, refer to the SugarCloud Policy Guide.

  • File System (FS) Storage: 15 GB + (24 x 0.25 GB per user) = 21 GB
  • Database (DB) Storage: 15 GB + (24 x 0.25 GB per user) = 21 GB

For information about what Sugar Support services are available for each Sugar product, please refer to the Sugar Support Offerings page.

Market Email Contacts

The assigned number of contacts is considered a Database Cap based on the number of Allowable Contacts in the Market database. Allowable Contacts are sold in "contact blocks" of 10,000, and the quantity you have purchased is defined on the Sugar Order Form. Currently, the minimum number of contacts is 10,000.

To ensure your marketing campaigns are not hindered, Sugar Market does not restrict you from creating or importing additional contacts above the Database Cap. However, we will notify your billing contact via email if the number of Allowable Contacts is approaching (>80%) or has exceeded the Database Cap (>100%).