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Contacting SugarCRM

If you have a relationship with a SugarCRM partner, you should contact them directly for support requests, additional licenses, additional managed storage, license extensions, and renewals. Your partner is also the point of contact for implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting code customizations to your Sugar instance.

SugarCRM's main phone number is +1 877 842-7276. You can reach specific groups within Sugar via the following methods:

Inquiry Group Contact Info
  • Purchasing Sugar
  • Purchasing additional license seats
  • Purchasing additional managed storage
  • Purchasing extended support
Sales sales@sugarcrm.com
  • Subscriptions and renewals
  • Expired download keys
Customer Success Team  customersuccess@sugarcrm.com
  • Sugar Exchange
Partnerships isv@sugarcrm.com
  • Invoices and Receipts
Accounts Receivable ar@sugarcrm.com
  • Training
  • Certification
SugarClub Training & Certification
  • Best practices
  • How-to questions
  • Implementation examples
SugarClub SugarClub
  • Mobile SDK support
SugarClub SugarClub
  • Product concerns
  • SugarCloud requests
Sugar Support Working With Sugar Support