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Managing Your Sugar Subscription

How do I contact SugarCRM?

There are plenty of ways to talk with someone at SugarCRM. Please refer to the Contacting SugarCRM article to determine the best point of contact for your situation.

Which Sugar product am I using?

Sugar offers a diverse line of complementary products. From CRM to marketing automation and more, you can browse our product offerings at https://sugarcrm.com/solutions. When logged in to SugarCRM's flagship CRM product, you will find that you are actually using one or more CRM solution licenses (e.g., Sugar Sell Advanced, Sugar Serve). To determine your assigned CRM solution licenses (e.g., Sugar Sell Advanced, Sugar Serve), simply log in to your Sugar account and click your profile picture in the Sugar navigation bar and select "About". The license type is assigned to user records to determine the specific Sugar functionality available to each user. For more information on license types in Sugar, please refer to the License Types Matrix documentation for Sugar versions 12.0.x and higher or the User Management documentation for Sugar versions prior to 12.0.x.

GettingStarted UserMenu About

You can also find information regarding your Sugar instance's version by clicking the Help link. For Sugar versions 13.0.x and higher, this is located in Sugar's navigation bar. For Sugar versions 12.0.x and lower, it is located in the footer.

What is my Sugar version?

Sugar offers several release updates for each product (e.g., Sugar Serve) several times a year. Each version and product combination is unique and requires its own documentation and troubleshooting approach. To find your Sugar instance's version, simply click the About link from your user profile menu in Sugar. 
GettingStarted UserMenu About

You can also find information regarding your Sugar instance's version by clicking the Help link. For Sugar versions 13.0.x and higher, this is located in Sugar's navigation bar. For Sugar versions 12.0.x and lower, it is located in the footer.

How do I download the software I bought?

Use the following steps to access your downloadable software:

  1. Navigate directly to your account's Downloads page.
  2. If necessary, log in using your SugarCRM.com username and password.
  3. Select the appropriate product and version to reveal the available software. 
    Note: You may not see the category dropdown list if you purchased only one product.
  4. Click on the file that you wish to download.

If you would like to share your download files with a new or additional SugarCRM.com user, submit a Support case asking us to grant the user access. Please include their SugarCRM.com username and their relationship to your organization (e.g. consulting partner, network admin, etc.).

Is my software up-to-date?

Instances hosted by Sugar's cloud environment will be automatically upgraded to the latest available release according to the Upgrade Policy outlined in the SugarCloud Policy Guide. Customers who host their Sugar instance anywhere else can check for newer versions by navigating to Admin > Upgrade Wizard.

How do I get a copy of my cloud data?

All active SugarCloud instances are backed up daily, and each backup is retained for a period of 30 days. For more information on the Backup Storage Policy, refer to the SugarCloud Policy Guide. Sugar Support can schedule and provide backups on a one-time or recurring (bi-weekly, daily) basis, based on your organization's need. To request backups for your instance, you must file a case with the Sugar Support team. The backup files will be available to access and download via the SugarCloud Insights page. For more information on downloading the backup files, refer to the SugarCloud Insights Guide

How do I make a change to my subscription?

License or New Product Additions

If your business needs to add new seats to your subscription or is considering expanding your subscription with another Sugar-suite product, your Customer Success Manager or representative Sugar Partner can help.

If you are unsure who your CSM is, please reach out to your Sugar-authorized reseller, or if you do not have one please reach out to our Support Team.

License or Product Downgrades

If your business needs to downgrade your license volume or modify product subscriptions, Sugar will honor your request for your upcoming subscription period if your business gives written notice prior to 30 days of your subscription expiration date.

Note that:

  • We are unable to accept any change-requests 30 days or less prior to your new subscription date.
  • In accordance with our pricing policy, any downgrades will be subject to your subscription units/seats being re-priced at "list price".
  • Charges will continue to be incurred for your business for the current subscription commitment. For example, if you have committed to a 3-year term with 100 licenses, and at month 13 you give notice to reduce your license count to 90 licenses, your business will continue to be charged for 100 licenses until the end of your 3-year subscription term. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your business may cancel its Sugar subscription up to 30 days before the current subscription period expiration date, in accordance with our Master Services Agreement.

Be aware that your business will continue to be charged for the duration of the commitment length in your Sugar contract.

To cancel, we will need written notice of cancelation.

Your business's Support Authorized Contact can send notice one of two ways:

  1. Send written notice of intent to cancel to your team's dedicated Customer Success Manager. If you do not know who that is, email customersuccess@sugarcrm.com and a member of our team will respond with confirmation.
  2. Submit a case with the request via our Case Portal.

Do I need to create a SugarCRM.com account?

If you want to perform any of the following actions, you must create an account and log in to SugarCRM.com:

You do not need a SugarCRM.com account to perform the following actions:

How do I update my SugarCRM.com account information?

To update the password or company information associated with your SugarCRM.com account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to SugarCRM.com.
  2. From your user menu at the top of the page, select "User Settings".
  3. Make your changes, and then click Save button.

Please note that the email address field may be locked from editing. If you need to make changes to a locked email address, please submit a Support case asking us to make the change.

How do I get access to the case portal?

Only support-authorized contacts can use their SugarCRM.com account to submit cases to Sugar Support via the case portal. To learn how a support-authorized contact can create an online account with SugarCRM and get set up for case portal access, please refer to the article Setting Up Access to the Case Portal.

What is a support-authorized contact?

The support-authorized contact is the person at your organization who has been designated to work with Sugar Support via the case portal. This person will act as the liaison between your end users and Sugar's support team. Every SugarCRM customer is allotted at least one support-authorized contact, depending on their purchased level of support. Typically, the support-authorized contact is an administrator of your Sugar system and has the highest level of insight into how your organization uses Sugar and how it has been configured or customized.

What is the status of my reported issue or idea?

Support-authorized contacts can check an issue or idea's status in the Case Portal's Issues & Ideas module at any time.

When you have a support case in the "Pending Defect Resolution" stage, you will automatically receive updates on the status of the related issue at least once every 30 days via email until it has been resolved. For more information on the various issue stages and other fields, please refer to the Using the Case Portal article.