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SugarCloud Management


The SugarCloud section of Sugar's Admin page allows administrators to view, access, and manage key information and data pertaining to their Sugar instance. 
SugarIdentity Sugar Admin SugarCloudSettings

The SugarCloud section contains the following menus:

Menu Description
SugarCloud Settings Create and manage user records, manage password requirements, set up LDAP, SAML, or OIDC authentication, etc. in SugarIdentity.

SugarCloud Settings

SugarIdentity, which can be accessed via Admin > SugarCloud Settings, allows customers to securely manage user identities as well as access applications and services in the SugarCRM ecosystem. SugarIdentity provides a federated identity solution based on industry standards and supports comprehensive single sign-on for the Sugar application, Sugar Plug-in for Outlook, Sugar ConnectSugarCRM mobile app, and the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Excel. For instances that use SugarIdentity, the administrator will access SugarIdentity to perform actions such as creating and managing user recordsmanaging password requirements, and setting up LDAPSAML, or OIDC authentication. For more information, refer to the SugarIdentity Guide.