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Sugar 13.3 to 14.0 Migration Guide


The purpose of this document is to provide insight to Sugar Developers for upgrading custom Sugar code, extensions, and integrations to the Sugar 14.0 (Q2 2024) release. 

Cloud and On-Site Sugar Release

For those looking to upgrade from Sugar 13.0, you will be catching up with additional content released in the 13.1 (Q3 2023), 13.2 (Q4 2023), and 13.3 (Q1 2024) cloud-only Sugar releases. In addition to this guide, please review the Sugar 13.1Sugar 13.2, and Sugar 13.3 migration guides and the release notes linked below to get a full view of changes since Sugar 13.0.

REST API Version Number

The current version for the Sugar REST API is 11_24. 

Changes That May Affect Developers

The changes in Sugar 14.0 (Q2 2024) that could cause an immediate impact on customizations and integrations that were built for earlier versions of Sugar are highlighted in the following Developer Blog post in the SugarClub community: 

For more information about what changed in Sugar 14.0.x, please refer to the following related documents: