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Sugar Enterprise 14.0 (Q2 2024) Release Notes


This document describes the changes and functionality available in Sugar® Enterprise 14.0.0 (Q2 2024). While version 14.0 is available for both SugarCloud and on-site deployments, Sugar Enterprise is supported as an on-site deployment only. 

For information about any changes to existing functionality in this release, you can also refer to the What to Expect When Upgrading to 14.0 article.

Feature Enhancements When Upgrading From 13.0.x (Q2 2023)

The following feature enhancements are new in Sugar Enterprise On-Site 14.0.0 (Q2 2024) when upgrading from the 13.0.x (Q2 2023) release:

Tile View
  • Tile view redesign: Easily view, sort, update, and navigate your way through records with the thoughtfully redesigned tile view, which has been updated with modern colors and styles, matching other areas of Sugar.
  • Individual column scrolling: Scroll up and down within a tile view column while the column headers and other columns remain in place.
  • Column count and total: Each column displays the number of tiles and a total value of a select currency, float, or integer field (e.g., account revenue), making it easier to summarize the data you see.
  • Focus drawers in tile view: Focus drawers are now accessible within tile view to view record data while staying in the same view.
  • Stickiness: Navigate away and return to a module's tile view without needing to click the Tile View button again.
  • Sort order: Sort your tiles by select fields in tile view, so you can choose how you wish to view the presented data.
  • Additional modules: When configured by an admin, tile view is available in almost all Sidecar modules, including custom modules.
  • Users module user experience redesign: The Users module has been converted to a Sidecar interface to provide a cleaner and more intuitive user experience, usability feature enhancements, and a modern look and feel. This change applies to both administrators configuring users and all users viewing their profile.
    • Additional Action menu options: The Users module menus (e.g., List View Mass Actions menu, Record View Actions menu) have been expanded to include additional feature options such as viewing historical summaries, Doc Merge, and geo mapping.
    • Improved layout options: The Select Modules for Navigation Bar field in the Users record view is redesigned for a better user experience:
      • Quickly drag and drop modules or click the "X" to set the availability and order of the modules that appear in the navigation bar.
      • A bold line dividing the list of available modules provides a visual indicator of which modules are pinned when the navigation bar is collapsed.
    • Access table headers: The Access table in the Users record view now has headers that remain in place when scrolling down, making it easier to quickly determine a user's permissions across Sugar modules.
    • Users module default list view dashboard: When administrators are viewing the Users list view, they will see a default dashboard with two List View dashlets, one for active users and another for group users.
  • Reset User Password: For instances without SugarIdentity, administrators can now prompt a password reset email to be sent to users from the Users record view.
Timeline Dashlet
  • Improved timeline data refreshing: When related records are added to the record you are viewing, the Timeline dashlet automatically refreshes to show the relationship changes.
  • Refresh button: All users can click the refresh button, available directly in the dashlet header, to update the timeline manually.
  • Record creation shown in the timeline: When a record is created, a card is placed at the beginning of its timeline to show a complete picture of the record's history.
  • Timeline in more modules: The Timeline dashlet can now be added to nearly all Sidecar modules, including custom modules, and is displayed in the record view dashboard by default for most out-of-the-box modules.
  • More modules available to be displayed in the timeline: Any module with a many-to-one or many-to-many relationship with the target module can be displayed in the Timeline dashlet; admins can use Studio to choose up to ten module relationships, including custom modules, to show for each target module.
  • Track more field updates: Changes to more fields in each module are tracked in the timeline, allowing users to quickly be informed of important updates to the record.
  • Search the timeline: A search bar has been added to the Timeline dashlet, allowing users to search the timeline of activities across all displayed modules to find relevant information much more quickly.
Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Dashboard filters that control multiple Report dashlets: Dashboard filters allow you to group run-time filters from Report dashlets on a Home dashboard and control them with a single filter.
    • Create and name dashboard filters: Create dashboard filters that control run-time filters on multiple Report dashlets and give them a name that makes sense for your use case.
    • Create filter groups based on data types: Build filter groups based on data types to control similar run-time filters with a single filter.
    • Set default filter values: Dashboard filters are saved with your chosen default value.
    • Save filter values for each dashboard user: Share a dashboard and allow each user to pick up where they left off with applied dashboard filters saved per user dashboard.
    • Use remaining run-time filters for further filtering: Run-time filters that are not used in dashboard filters are available for use in individual dashlets, allowing you to further dig into your data.
  • Report and Home dashboard templates: New role-specific report and Home dashboard templates give you a jumpstart on using Sugar to its full potential by providing relevant information for your role (e.g., as a sales rep).
    • Template integrity preserved: Report and dashboard templates can be viewed as is or duplicated and then configured to your specific needs, but to preserve the initial state of the templates for future use, they cannot be edited or deleted.
    • Filter templates: Find the list of all templates that can be used as a starting point for your own reports and Home dashboards by filtering the Reports or Dashboards module on the new Template checkbox.
  • New Pipeline Metrics dashlet: The In Forecast dashlet has been replaced with the new and improved Pipeline Metrics dashlet, which displays important metrics (e.g., Included Pipeline) for the selected time period.
  • Improvements to the Case Record View dashlet layout: Several layout and visual enhancements have been made to fields on the Case Record View dashlet to ensure helpful information is displayed by default and key data points are highly visible. 
    • The Primary Contact field has been added to the default layout.
    • The Follow Up Date field displays the amount of calendar time until or since the follow-up date as a color-coded badge.
    • The Status field displays the status value (e.g., Assigned) as a color-coded badge.
  • Focus drawer when drilling into reports: Clicking on a report chart in the Report result view or a Report dashlet now opens a focus drawer where you can view the underlying records and interact with them in focus dashboards.
  • "Is Anything" report filter operand: The new "Is Anything" operand for report run-time filters matches field values that are either empty or populated (i.e., all records), which lets you filter on the field when needed and use "Is Anything" to omit the field from the filter criteria when not needed.
  • Report legend improvements: Report charts now place extra legend information in a menu, allowing more space for the chart data.
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration: You can now interact with your SharePoint files via the Cloud Drive dashlet from any dashboard in Sugar if an admin has configured the Microsoft connector in your Sugar instance.
  • Apply DocuSign templates in Sugar: You can now apply a DocuSign template to the Sugar document you are sending to DocuSign so that everything defined in the saved template (e.g., roles, fields) is applied to the new envelope, saving you time when sending similar envelopes.
  • Name DocuSign envelopes: When sending a document to DocuSign, you can now choose a unique name for the DocuSign envelope to distinguish it from other envelopes.
Sales and Service Consoles
Smart Guides

If you have purchased the Smart Guides capability, the following feature enhancements are included in this version of Sugar:

  • Bidirectional Sugar Actions: In addition to triggering parent record actions based on smart guide activity, you can now configure Sugar Actions to trigger smart guide status changes when a field on the parent record is changed.
  • Start action for Call activities: Like with Tasks, you can now select the Start option from the activity action menu for Call activities to set the call's status to "In Progress" from within the Smart Guide.
  • Link existing activities: You can now link existing task, meeting, and call activities to your smart guide rather than just creating new ones.
  • Options bar redesign: The redesigned Smart Guides panel options bar makes it easier to quickly create, configure, and filter your active Smart Guides.
    • Assignee displayed on smart guides: Smart guides now display the assigned user's name and avatar at the top of the smart guide when viewed in a record view. 
    • Archived status badge: Archived smart guides in the Smart Guide panel now display a grey “Archived” badge. 
  • Hide smart guide stage numbers: Admins can now configure smart guides to hide or show stage numbers.
  • List view State field improvements: The State field, when displayed as a column in the Smart Guide list view, now includes two new values: “Cancelled/Archived” and “Completed/Archived”.
User Interface
  • Comment Log field updates: The availability and usability of the comment log has been improved.
    • Comment log in quotes: The Comment Log field is now available to add to your Quotes module layouts.
    • Comment log in preview: For all modules that have the Comment Log field, it is now available to add to your Preview layout.
    • Comment log scrollbar: A vertical scrollbar is added to the Comment Log field to preserve space and allow you to view all comments for the record when there are a lot of entries.
  • New filter operators: You now have more ways to filter your data with new list view filter operators.
    • The filter operators “after today”, “before today”, "More than _ days ago", "Last _ days", "Next _ days", and "More than _ days in the future" can be used when filtering Date and Datetime field types.
    • The filter operator “contains” can be used when filtering default and custom TextField field types.
  • New list view filters: New default list view filters are available in the CasesLeads, Opportunities, and Tasks modules.
  • From and To Email fields displayed by default: When composing an email in Sugar, the “From” and “To” email fields are now displayed by default.
  • Drag-and-drop in Documents module: You can now drag and drop a file into the record when creating a document or document revision.
  • More flexibility on duplicate check during import: When importing data into a Sugar module, you can now search for possible duplicates more effectively by combining the fields to check using an AND or an OR operator so that you can find the duplicates important to you.
  • New font to render Chinese characters in PDF exports: To export reports with Chinese characters, users can configure the PDF settings in their user preferences to select "cid0ct" as the font for the header, body, and footer of PDF documents. 
  • Updated views after closing the focus drawer: After a record is edited in a focus drawer and then closed, the view behind it (e.g., list view, record view) refreshes to ensure you always see the most up-to-date information.
  • Conditionally required fields supported for SugarBPM actions: Conditionally required fields can now be used when adding a “Change Field” or “Add Related Record” SugarBPM action to a process definition.
  • SugarBPM validation check on record assignment: A validation check has been added to SugarBPM processes to prevent records from being assigned to users if they have an inactive status at the time the process is run.
  • New Sugar Logic function returns the logged-in user: A new Sugar Logic function, isOwner, returns the currently logged-in user, which lets you create dynamic formulas that factor in the current user viewing the record.
  • New Sugar Logic function checks if the record is assigned: A new Sugar Logic function, isAssigned, checks if a record is assigned to someone, which lets you build calculations or determine visibility based on record assignment.
  • Expanded tile view availability and features: Tile view is now available to configure across most Sidecar modules with the additional features of column count and total.
  • Easier access to the package install log file: A download link has been added to the Module Loader page to give admins easier access to the install log for details of errors encountered when installing custom packages.
  • Improved error message for module loadable package installations: When a module loadable package (MLP) fails to install in Sugar, the error message that displays on screen is now more informative and specifies the file causing the issue.  
  • Additional fields supported for full-text search configuration: The User Name, Password, and Transport fields can be configured when activating full-text search in Admin > Search if your ElasticSearch server requires this information.
  • Doc Merge region configuration: Administrators can now configure the region for Doc Merge in Admin > System Settings to change the server that Doc Merge is communicating with for speed and/or legality purposes.
  • Additional email-to-case flexibility: Administrators can now configure inbound email to create cases with no assignee, allowing them to use more robust configuration (e.g., SugarBPM) to assign the cases according to their organization's processes.
  • AU region domain added to Content Security Policy directives list: The *.sugarapps.com.au domain has been added to the list of default CSP directives in the system.
  • Support for single tenant application for Microsoft connector: Administrators can now connect to a single tenant application when configuring the Microsoft connector by providing the Tenant ID value obtained from Microsoft Azure.
  • Added support for "Google People API" to import Google contacts: Sugar administrators can configure the Google connector with the Google People API to allow users to import their Google contacts into Sugar.
  • Default Notes module mobile layouts: The default Notes layouts for list view, detail view, and edit view in Studio have been updated to include a more complete set of fields for use in the SugarCRM mobile app.

Fixed Issues When Upgrading From 13.0.x (Q2 2023)

Click the link below to view the fixed issues that are new in Sugar Enterprise 14.0.0 (Q2 2024) when upgrading from 13.0.x (Q2 2023).

Fixed Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 94404, 93369When Sugar's email settings is configured to use Google mail via OAuth2, emails may fail to send because the refresh token is not returned from Google. 
  • 94216: When sharing a link to the record (e.g., Accounts) via email, the Cancel, Save Draft, and Send buttons may be misaligned on the Compose Email window.
  • 94193: When activities in a Smart Guide contain sub-activities, the assigned user's avatar image does not display as expected for the sub-activities.
  • 94095: When using Doc Merge in a SugarBPM process, the document may not generate and send as expected for Sugar Enterprise instances. 
  • 94059: Geocoding a record (e.g., Meeting) containing calculated address fields that pull address data from the related record (e.g., Accounts) may not work as expected. 
  • 94037: For instances that do not use SugarIdentity, enabling the LDAP or SAML authentication in Admin > Password Management does not expose the "LDAP Authentication Only" or the "SAML Authentication Only" checkbox option in the Advanced tab of the user's record.
  • 93957: Clicking an Action Button to open a URL may result in a 500 error if the record contains a calculated field containing a related() function.
  • 93954: In certain circumstances, creating a recurring meeting or call may result in a 500 error.
  • 93894: In certain circumstances, multiple fatal errors may get logged in the sugarcrm.log file when accessing legacy modules (e.g., Users, Teams, Schedulers) in Sugar.
  • 93849: When the Smart Guide Points field value has been changed for a task in the Smart Guide, the Scoring field value in the parent Smart Guide stage does not reflect the correct total until the stage is saved.   
  • 93846: When fetching records via the Filter API, the next_offset and the number of records may not be accurate.
  • 93843, 93803: Users assigned a role with Admin & Dev access to the Users/Teams/Roles module are improperly restricted from viewing data in the Users modules and see an error.
  • 93769: For on-site instances that are SugarIdentity-enabled, attempting to impersonate certain users may result in a 500 error.
  • 93756: In certain circumstances, users may experience unexpected behavior when accessing certain views (e.g., Audit Log, Historical Summary, Search and Select drawer) in Sugar.
  • 93751: When executing a process, the process' record view may not properly display the record (e.g., Opportunities) if that module's record view layout is displayed using tabs.
  • 93665: The Smart guide due date calculation does not work as expected when the minus (-) sign is used in the Due Days value to subtract the number of days from the Due Date field.
  • 93663:Filtering the Timeline dashlet may not work as expected.
  • 93658: Adding a new record (e.g., notes) via the Timeline dashlet in a record's focus drawer may cause unexpected issues when accessing the focus drawer for a different record after.  
  • 93655: Performance issues may occur when updating revenue line items if there are opportunities with more than ten revenue line item records. 
  • 93653: When paginating between pages of results on a module's list view, clicking the Refresh button may cause unexpected issues. 
  • 93543: When a report is generated as a PDF, any line breaks in TextArea fields may get removed improperly. 
  • 93516: The Change Timers subpanel in the Cases record view may not work as expected for Sugar Enterprise instances.
  • 93444: In certain circumstances, customers may encounter PHP fatal errors in Sugar when using PHP 8.2. 
  • 93439: Attempting to configure the Timeline dashlet via Admin > Studio > {Module} does not work as expected and results in an error. 
  • 93414: Previewing a newly created report in Sugar as a regular user may not work as expected and display an error. 
  • 93398: In certain circumstances, the SugarBPM process may not generate a new Smart Guide as expected even though the conditions have been met. 
  • 93372: When logged in to Sugar with the French language, the Distribution Method field label is translated incorrectly in Admin > Inbound Email.
  • 93339: In certain circumstances, notes added to cases in the portal may not display as expected. 
  • 93324: When a report contains a vertical bar chart with a large number of results, the Y-axis may not display in the chart as expected.  
  • 93315: Users may experience unexpected behavior/issues with dashboard filters in Sugar.
  • 93237: In certain circumstances, filtering the report using a date field (e.g., Date Created) that is using the YYYY-MM-DD format may return no results in the report.
  • 93177: When you send a document to DocuSign without a template, an inaccurate error prohibits you from moving past the "Select signer recipients" screen.
  • 93168: In certain circumstances, navigating away from the Home page before the dashboard fully loads may cause unexpected issues when navigating across other modules.
  • 93160: The quote's grand total amount does not get calculated correctly when a quoted line item is removed from the quote.
  • 93115: When logged in to Sugar with the Chinese language, the Define Calendar Day dialog box in the Calendar module may display incorrect translations. 
  • 93062: Drilling through report charts may not work as expected if the report is filtered by a Date field using a specific format (e.g., 23.12.2010). 
  • 93040: For instances where Activity Stream is enabled, clicking the Activity Stream button in the module's record view and then clicking the Data View button to the left of it improperly directs you to the module's list view. 
  • 93021: When Action Buttons are used to create a new record and the target module (e.g., Opportunities) contains a conditionally required field, the required field may appear blank even if it was configured to have a default value. 
  • 93014: Drilling through report charts shows no data for charts grouped by empty Date fields.
  • 93003: Modifying an email template may cause the content in the Body field to be deleted.   
  • 93002: When a user's date format is set to MM/DD/YYYY, grouping reports (e.g., Summation report) using a Date field (e.g., Day: Date Created) may result in a "No data available" error.
  • 92993: Web-to-lead forms containing a Multiselect field and configured with a Redirect URL may not get submitted as expected and result in a 500 error for Sugar instances using PHP 8.x (e.g., 8.0, 8.2).  
  • 92964: Fetching comment log entries using the RelateAPI may return empty results even if there are entries.
  • 92928: When using Sugar on a Windows and MS SQL server, exporting reports containing an integer or other numeric field data to a CSV file may fail to generate with a 500 error.
  • 92911: Sugar does not support the French Canadian language for Pendo Guide messages and displays the message in English.
  • 92855: Action buttons that are dependently visible appear broken and greyed out in the record view if the record view is configured to display customized layouts based on a given dropdown field.  
  • 92846: Editing and saving a PDF template containing table width values greater than 100% (e.g., 210%) in HTML may revert the width back to 100% resulting in unexpected issues on the template.
  • 92802: When configuring the Tile View Settings, rearranging the order of the items in the Available Values column may cause some of the items to disappear after saving.
  • 92790: When logged in to Sugar with the French language, the run-time filter text string that appears when adding a new filter in the Dashboard Filters panel is translated incorrectly.
  • 92765: When creating a Data Archiver job, filtering by the date field (e.g., Date Created) using the "More than _ days ago", "Last_days", "Next_days" or "More than_days in the future" incorrectly shows a date field to populate instead of an integer field.
  • 92759: When a dashlet (e.g., Opportunity dashlet) in the Focus Drawer is filtered to only display records related to the current record, the applied filter does not get preserved as expected when the page is refreshed.   
  • 92726: When creating dashboard filters, you cannot add revenue line items as run-time filters as the report dashlet appears blank. 
  • 92699: In certain circumstances, scheduler jobs may fail with an error. 
  • 92648: Copying a note record with an attachment removes the attachment from both note records and deletes the attachment record from the database along with the actual file in the uploads directory.   
  • 92640: Adding a custom text field as a display column in a rows and columns report may cause issues with the pagination and not display the page/record count. 
  • 92639: If a user that claimed a self-service process reassigns the process to a new user to execute it, the new user does not receive an email notification alerting them of the assignment. 
  • 92631: In certain circumstances, opening a summary-type report may result in a PHP warning.
  • 92613: SugarBPM process definition may improperly create duplicate Smart Guides and result in an error. 
  • 92611: When a scheduled Matrix report that contains 3 Group By columns is empty, the report gets deactivated.  
  • 92600: In certain circumstances, adding a comment to a new quote and its quoted line items, then editing/saving one of the quoted line items may return a 500 error.
  • 92589: Modules that do not have tile view configured by default will display "No data available" unless the values in the Available Values and Hidden Values columns in Admin > Tile View Settings have been edited in some way (i.e., rearranging values, moving values between columns).
  • 92588: Tiles in adjacent columns may shift to the left when using drag and drop in tile view.
  • 92587: The tile disappears behind other columns when using drag and drop in tile view.
  • 92571: Sugar Automate continues to remain enabled in Sugar even though the Sugar Automate license has been removed from the user.
  • 92570: Users that do not have a Sugar Automate user license cannot view activities created by smart guides.
  • 92532: When scheduling reports using the "[Data Table]" or "[Chart and Data Table]" options, the emailed report may contain hyperlinks on the record names even though it should not be linked.  
  • 92516: The Forecast Stage field gets removed from the Opportunities module's list view layout after upgrading.
  • 92484: Scheduled reports may get deactivated in certain circumstances.
  • 92448: In certain circumstances, drilling through report charts for a Summation With Details report grouped by a MultiSelect field may return no results. 
  • 92423: The Terminate Process condition may not terminate process definitions as expected even though the condition is true.   
  • 92358: When all available CRM solution licenses (e.g., Sugar Sell Advanced) are assigned to users, administrators are unable to assign Automate, Hint, or Maps licenses even though there are available seats.  
  • 92331: Required dependent dropdown fields are not marked as required in the record view layout when creating or editing records.
  • 92326: When a report contains multiple name fields, having the report result sorted by default by one of the name columns may cause the report generation to fail with an error.
  • 92304: In certain circumstances, inline editing the revenue line item records following the first record in the Revenue Line Items subpanel may not save the changes as expected.  
  • 92247, 87866: For instances containing a large number of module records (e.g., contacts, accounts), users may experience unexpected performance issues when adding recipients in the To field when composing emails in Sugar. 
  • 92246: When creating cases from inbound emails, Sugar may run into performance issues, if the inbound email accounts are configured to distribute cases in a round-robin fashion to a user on the Global team.
  • 92234: Starting a new Smart Guide in a module (e.g., Leads) may fail with an error if the stage's activities only consist of calls, and there's a calculated field in the Calls module.
  • 92215: When replying to emails in Sugar, the email is not sent using the user's preferred sending account and instead uses their default email address. 
  • 92181: When calculated Text fields are created using the countConditional function, if non-array values are used in the formula, PHP warning messages may get logged improperly. 
  • 92133: When the Cases module's record view layout is customized in Studio using the dropdown-field-based views, the portal may use this layout instead of using the portal record view layout for cases.
  • 92126: The Rows and Columns reports do not display the total count information as expected. 
  • 92085: Clicking Action Buttons with the Open URL action defined does not work as expected and displays an error in the new browser window. 
  • 92072: In certain circumstances, deleting a large Smart Guide attached to a template may may result in errors that are not meaningful.
  • 92071: Attempting to merge records in Sugar may fail with an error if the roleBasedViews configuration is set to "false" and the user is assigned a license type (e.g., Sell Advanced) that does not include Sugar Automate. 
  • 92070: Users that do not have permission to export records are improperly allowed to export reports in Sugar. 
  • 92049: Sugar records that are deleted via Data Archiver improperly continue to appear in global search results and displays an error when selected. 
  • 92018: When the due date calculation for Smart Guide activities is based on a date field of the Smart Guide's parent module, the setting is not respected properly and the due date gets calculated incorrectly.
  • 92013: For modules that contain a large number of fields with custom dependencies, performing any action in the Smart Guide may not work as expected and result in an error.
  • 92006: Records with custom AutoIncrement fields may not pull up in Global Search results as expected.  
  • 92005: For Sugar 12.3 instances with a modified Advanced Search layout in the Users module, upgrading to Sugar 13.0 results in unexpected issues for the Users module's search functionality.
  • 91981: Upgrades to Sugar may fail in certain circumstances.
  • 91977: Unexpected issues may occur when designing a new process definition for modules (e.g., Leads, Opportunities) that are disabled for Sugar Automate in Admin > Sugar Automate Settings.
  • 91928: Custom fields are not available to select when configuring the Change Field action for a process definition.
  • 9192791819: In certain circumstances, Smart Guides that are created via SugarBPM processes may get duplicated in Sugar. 
  • 91903: No options are presented when attempting to configure a Create Record Action Button to populate the Related To field values from parent records.  
  • 91850: Users assigned a role with Developer access are unable to create or edit Smart Guide templates.
  • 91811: Records containing custom dependent fields that are conditionally required may run into errors when saving as the formula always evaluates as true. 
  • 91793: Clicking the View Categories option in the Knowledge Base module tab does not open the list view layout to search and view categories.
  • 91765: Clicking "Cancel" in the Report Wizard takes you back to the Reports list view instead of the current report record.  
  • 91721: In certain circumstances, adding a new Smart Guide in a module (e.g., Accounts) containing a dependent field may cause all smart guides to disappear from the record. 
  • 91669: Configuring the Primary Sort Order field in the Metrics module for the Service Console does not preserve the changes as expected. 
  • 91588: When accessing Sugar using the Chrome browser on an iPad, the fields and UI elements may not display properly in the module's record view (e.g., Leads). 
  • 91587: In certain circumstances, the Resolve Conflict drawer may incorrectly appear when editing "Quotes" and "Quoted Line Items".
  • 91537: In certain circumstances, accessing dashboards may display an error when upgrading Sugar. 
  • 91404: When multiple quoted line items and comments are added, the applied order of the quoted line items may not be respected. 
  • 91354: If inbound emails from Yahoo contain any attachments with 65 or more characters in the file name, the file does not get attached to the email record in Sugar.
  • 91301: When editing the Currency field on a module's record view, the names of the available currencies are cut off in the dropdown list and does not display the full name.
  • 91128: Drilling through a report chart of opportunities grouped by their fiscal quarter expected close date may use the default fiscal year instead of the time period defined in the forecast configuration.
  • 91039: Process definition does not trigger as expected for regular users when using the "Relationship Change" condition in the Start event. 
  • 91003: When a report fails to run due to a 500 error, the error message that appears should be more meaninful and informative.
  • 90649: In certain circumstances, there may be performance issues with the Elasticsearch indexing after upgrading Sugar.
  • 90560: Geocoding does not work as expected in custom modules containing custom Address fields.
  • 90523: When hide_admin_licensing is set to "true" in config.php, a PHP Fatal error may occur when navigating to the Admin page.  
  • 90470: When a Customer Journey Template is copied and there are tasks, meetings, or calls using the Assignee Rule set to "Specific Activity Completed", the duplicated template will use the original template's Assignee Rule Activity, which causes the assignment rule to fail.
  • 90464: The Check Inbound Mailboxes scheduler stops working after processing up to 16 inbound email accounts and returns an error for any additional email account it tries to retrieve email from. 
  • 90461: For Sugar instances configured to work with a proxy server, users may not be able to view and download the plug-ins via the Downloads tab in their user profile.
  • 90073: Smart guides fail to create on records with large amounts of related records and other associated automations.
  • 90059: In certain circumstances, sorting a related-record subpanel (e.g., Leads) using the Account Name field column may result in an unexpected error.  
  • 89990: When changing the role-based availability for the sales_stage_dom list in the Dropdown Editor, attempting to disable any of the existing options in the list does not work.   
  • 89983: Performing a duplicate check using "First Name" and "Last Name" when importing new records (e.g., contacts) may not work as expected.
  • 89887: The record's audit log does not show that a change was made by a SugarBPM process if the process was triggered by a non-admin user. 
  • 89831: Exported reports do not respect the locale settings in Sugar and incorrectly displays the date using the YYYY-MM-DD format. 
  • 89727: The SugarBPM process sends all emails using the system email account's email address instead of the email address of the user specified in the Send Message event.  
  • 89685: Tasks marked as "Not Applicable" in Sugar Automate improperly displays in the Active Tasks dashlet.
  • 89677: When creating a new field in Studio with data type of "ActionButton", adding a multibyte character label via the Configure Buttons option does not save the change as expected. 
  • 89669: Report charts may incorrectly show values in billion with a "G" instead of a "B".
  • 89641: Hint-related error messages are logged for some recently upgraded Sugar 12.0 instances that do not have Sugar Hint.
  • 89432: If a custom text field in the module has a display label with a large number of characters (e.g., 800), no tooltip appears when you hover over the field.
  • 89322: Attachments to notes do not correctly inherit the same Teams assigned to the parent note record.  
  • 89280: Sugar upgrades may fail with an error for certain versions. 
  • 89194: Users are improperly allowed to edit calculated fields in Focus Drawers. 
  • 89103: The Website field on a lead populates with http://undefined when you enter an email address, click into another field, then click the global import button in the top right corner of the Hint panel.
  • 88766: In certain circumstances, the Action Button may not work as expected in records containing required dependent fields and result in an error.
  • 88512: When logged in to Sugar using a language other than English (US), certain parts of the Doc Merge Template Assistant continues to display in English.
  • 88042: The record's audit log may display incorrect Source values when an audited field is updated by the server and a SugarBPM process also triggers on record save.
  • 87908: For instances that use SugarIdentity, the Reset Multi-Factor Auth option improperly appears during a user impersonation session.
  • 87346: When generating a quote from an opportunity's Revenue Line Items subpanel, attempting to edit the line item in the Quotes record view does not work as the fields (e.g., Quantity) are read-only. 
  • 87035: Certain modules (e.g., Business Centers, Shifts) do not appear in the list of modules in Admin > Search even though they appear in the Global Search modules list.  
  • 86790: When creating a Process Email Template and using the Fields Selector tool, the First Name and Last Name fields are not available to select for the related Users module's fields.
  • 86377: When creating a Process Definition and adding an evaluation in the Gateway element for the Users module's "Teams" field, attempting to select a team via the Search and Select drawer may not work as it incorrectly lists the Sugar Process Definitions instead of teams.
  • 86037: Calculated field formulas may improperly get removed from modules (e.g., Opportunities) after an upgrade. 
  • 85428: The record's audit log may incorrectly capture unsaved changes in certain circumstances for modules containing the before_save logic hook
  • 85203: An error may occur due to file size mismatch when uploading base64-encoded content using a PUT request to the /rest/v11_4/Notes/<note id>/file/filename API endpoint.
  • 82509: Changing the target module in a web logic hook does not remove the previous module as expected and the web logic hook continues to trigger for the old module in addition to the new one. 
  • 82372: When replying to inbound emails in Sugar, the body of the email may display extra spaces in between the lines.
  • 81888: When composing/replying to emails, hovering your mouse over the recipients that are selected and added to the Recipient field does not show their email address as expected. 
  • 81297: If a web-to-lead form gets submitted using an existing email address in Sugar, the email address may not be marked as "Primary" for the generated lead record. 
  • 81044: Quoted line items created from quotes get assigned to the Global team by default instead of the user's actual default team.
  • 80970: When the Start event criteria for a process definition is set to evaluate that an Integer field is not null, a value of "0" in the field will incorrectly evaluate as a null value and cause the process to not trigger.
  • 80488: Resetting the list view filter for a date field (e.g., Date Created) does not work as expected. 
  • 80259: Attempting to preview a Rows and Columns report for the Knowledge Base module may fail with an error if the display column contains the Body field. 
  • 80246: In certain circumstances, unexpected behaviors may be seen when records contain calculated Relate fields that are marked as required. 
  • 79256: For Date fields designated as a calculated field, attempting to remove the formula does not work as expected and results in an error when trying to save the change. 
  • 78153: The Default Value setting is available to configure for the Calls/Meetings Email Reminder Time and Popup Reminder Time fields in Studio even though the default is determined by the user in their User Preferences.

Known Issues

Click the link below to expand or collapse the 14.0.0 (Q2 2024) known issues list.

14.0.0 (Q2 2024) Known Issues

The following known issues are present in version 14.0.0 (Q2 2024). Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue: 

  • 94951: Sugar Actions that are configured to trigger a smart guide may not successfully be triggered if the action takes place in the mobile application.
  • 94665: When a user assigned to the SugarIdentity User Management role edits a regular user's record in Sugar, the message that appears on the screen does not direct the user to make certain changes in SugarIdentity as expected.
  • 94395: When a dashboard template with dashboard filters is duplicated, the dashboard filters do not control the Report dashlets as expected. As a workaround, re-create the dashboard filters on the duplicated dashboard.
  • 94322: Users may encounter unexpected issues when PDF files contain images with spaces in the file names. For information on the workaround, refer to the issue's description in the case portal. 
  • 94194: The data tables in reports may appear blank and show no data.
  • 94136: Double clicking on a record's row in the subpanel of a custom module does not open the inline editing mode as expected. 
  • 93648: In certain circumstances, the Timeline dashlet may fail to load with a persistent Loading message causing unexpected issues with the navigation bar.
  • 93631: When new panels are added to the record view layout while configuring the dropdown-field-based views in Studio, changing the panel label may improperly update the label of the other new panels. 
  • 93515: The mail server status continues to display "Authorized" in Admin > System Email Settings even though outbound emails may fail to send when the email settings is configured to use Google mail via OAuth2.
  • 93359: In certain circumstances, installing packages via Admin > Module Loader may fail due to an Elasticsearch error.  
  • 93157: When a quote record contains multiple quoted line items, saving one of the quoted line items improperly removes the other quoted line item records.
  • 93076: For instances that have Activity Stream enabled, attempting to access the Home page activity stream may not load as expected.  
  • 92477: DateTime fields may be calculated incorrectly in reports when accounting for daylight savings time (DST).
  • 92217: The texts in the Product Catalog dashlet may not display properly making it hard to read. 
  • 92063: When campaign test emails are sent, users may notice unexpected issues with certain subpanels in the module (e.g., Accounts) that the campaign emails are related to.
  • 91975: Unexpected issues may occur when designing new Process Business Rules for modules (e.g., Leads, Opportunities) that are disabled for Sugar Automate in Admin > Sugar Automate Settings.
  • 91893: Adding a new filter to the list view dashlet does not apply the filter to the dashlet as expected. 
  • 91861: In certain circumstances, subpanels in Sugar may not behave as expected or not be configurable in Admin > Studio.  
  • 91283: Filtering the Emails list view using the From field does not return the appropriate results as expected.
  • 90931: When role permissions are modified for a user, the changes do not get applied until the browser cache is cleared and the user logs out and back in to their account. 
  • 90615: When logged into Sugar using a non-English language (e.g., French), changing the classification value for the sales_stage_dom list in Admin > Dropdown Editor may improperly change the classification values for the other list items. As a workaround, log in to Sugar with the English (US) language and manually update the classification of the list items to the correct values. 
  • 89878: The Forecast Bar Chart dashlet in the Forecasts module does not display any data for individual sellers. 
  • 89728: In certain circumstances, opening the list view Mass Actions menu does not display properly on the screen. 
  • 89542: For instances wth a very large number of SugarBPM processes, trying to view the list of processes in the Process Management's list view may result in performance issues and fail to load. 
  • 88957: In certain circumstances, performing a global search in Sugar may result in a 500 error.  
  • 88858: Unexpected email issues may occur in Sugar when using the Microsoft Exchange mail account as the authorized system email account.  
  • 88374: Attempting to reorder the columns in the Worksheet Columns Preview list view in Admin > Quotes Configuration does not work as expected. As a workaround, remove all the fields from the Worksheet Columns section then add the fields again to the section. 
  • 86285: In certain circumstances, users may experience unexpected behaviors when attempting to expand a subpanel or edit an empty Subpanel layout in Admin > Studio. For information on the workaround, refer to the issue's description in the case portal. 
  • 85246: Errors may get logged in the system after upgrading or installing Sugar when certain license data is missing.   
  • 84426: The Meeting Type field in the Meetings module does not reflect new values added to the Meeting Type dropdown list in Admin > Dropdown Editor.
  • 83796: SugarBPM processes always run after module-level logic hooks and it is not possible to configure them to run before logic hooks.
  • 83425: Custom Date fields in the PDF template may not respect the user's preferred date format. 
  • 82810: Fields based on non-existent or improperly defined custom field types may cause upgrades to fail.
  • 82361: Emails sent from SugarBPM's processes may not include the link to new lead records generated from a Web-to-Lead form even though the process email template contains a link variable.
  • 81382: Deleting a target list related to a large number of records may fail with an error. 
  • 80865: It is not possible to search by the Record Name column in Process Management.
  • 80001: Email messages sent via SugarBPM may display HTML formatting when records are created using SOAP/REST v4.1. It is recommended to use the latest version of the API.
  • 79009: When the targeted module contains a broken field, configuring an Action element in a process definition causes the Process Design canvas to time out.
  • 77719: If a process definition contains a Wait event that is relative to a date field, the process does not adjust for changes that may occur to the date field after the Wait event's initiation.
  • 77287: Performing certain actions (e.g., import, mass update) in Sugar may result in performance issues if there are numerous calculated fields to be updated in related records. As a workaround, add the following line to the config_override.php file to disable the related calculation field updates: $sugar_config['disable_related_calc_fields'] = true;. But keep in mind that the affected calculated values will not be updated and running Recalculate Values on related records. 
  • 77249: Guests may not get imported to call or meeting records as expected.
  • 73566: Calculated or dependent fields containing a related() function may not get calculated until after save for activity-type modules (e.g., Notes).  
  • 68112: Matrix-type reports display incorrectly when exported to PDF.


Please refer to the Developer Blog in the SugarClub community for a summary of the changes in version 14.0.0 (Q2 2024) that may affect developers.

Supported Platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 14.0.x Supported Platforms.

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Sugar Enterprise Upgrade Paths

The following upgrade paths apply to Sugar Enterprise: 

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