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Managing Pages


To manage pages: 

  1. In the navigation bar, click the Pages and Forms module.
  2. Click the Pages submodule.

SM UG Pages manage

Pages built with the drag-and-drop editor are identified with the block icon in the Editor column, while pages built with the code editor are identified with the code tag icon. 

SM UG Pages status

Page Status is displayed in the Status column:


  • Draft: Page design is in progress, but the page has never been published.
  • Staged: Published page that has changes in progress since it was published.
  • Published: Page design is complete and has been published.
  • Unpublished: Previously published page that has since been unpublished. 

Searching for Pages

The Manage Pages view defaults to a list view with the most recent page at the top. If you prefer to browse by the folder in which the page is saved, then click the Folder View icon in the toolbar.

To sort the view:

  • Click the Sort icon in the toolbar to choose a field on which to sort. The list is sorted in ascending order.
  • Click the arrow next to the column heading to change the sort order to descending.

SM UG EMB managesort

To quickly locate specific pages:

  1. Type the page name, or portion of the name, in the Search field and then click the magnifying glass icon; or
  2. Click the Advanced Search icon next to the Search field to open a dialog that provides additional search criteria.

SM UG EMB searchcampaign

Viewing Page Details

Select a row to display page details or click a page name to display the page in Page Builder. Page details are displayed in a panel on the right-hand side of the page, including visits and form conversions.

SM UG Pages details

For additional page details, visit the Pages and Forms Dashboard and use the following standard reports:

  • Page Analytics Form Completes Detail: Form submission details, including each individual field's value.
  • Page Analytics Summary: High-level metrics for each of your pages (Visits, Conversions, Conversion Rate).
  • Page Analytics Visits Details: Detailed information on each individual visit to your pages, grouped by page and individual hit.

Editing Pages

In the Manage Pages view:

SM UG EMB editcampaign

  1. Select the row of the page to edit. A details panel displays on the right.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the toolbar or click the page name to edit the page in Page Builder; or
  3. Expand the three-dots menu to display the following options:
    • Rename: Change the page name. The page name must be less than 100 characters.
    • Save as Template: Save page as a template to be used as a base design in the creation of new pages. The template will be available in the Templates section of Page Builder when you select a page type, and is also available in Manage > Landing Pages > Page Templates.
    • Move: Move page to another existing or new folder. 
    • View URL: Display the URL for published pages.
    • Unpublish Page: Change the status of a published page to Unpublished. Once unpublished, the page is no longer accessible to customers. You can republish pages that are in an unpublished status by clicking the Publish button in Page Builder.
    • Duplicate: Make a copy of the page.

Copying Pages

You can copy a page to use as a starting point for a new page. Note this is different from saving an existing page as a template.

  1. Select the page row, and then expand the three-dots menu.
  2. Select "Duplicate". The page is copied in Draft status and "(Copy)" is appended to the page title.
    SM UG EMB copy

Unpublishing Pages

While we recommend you leave your page in Draft status until you are ready to publish the page, you can unpublish the page as needed, and then republish.

  1. Select the page row, and then expand the three-dots menu.
  2. Select "Unpublish Page". The page is changed to Unpublished status.
    SM UG EMB unschedule

Deleting Pages

You can delete pages that meet the following requirements:

  • The status must be Draft or Unpublished. 
  • The page cannot be referenced by an active scoring profile.
  • The page cannot be referenced in any report.

To delete a page:

  1. With the page row selected, click the Delete icon in the toolbar, or expand the three-dots menu, and then select "Delete"
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click the "Yes, delete" button. After confirming a deletion request, the page cannot be recovered.
    SM UG Pages delete