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Form Builder helps you create engaging forms that can be used to gather visitor information from Sugar Market pages or external pages hosted on the internet, such as your company's website or blog. Forms are commonly used for event registrations, requests for more information, and as a gateway to access useful content for the buyer. This section explains how to build and incorporate forms into your marketing activities using Sugar Market.


This page describes how to create forms that can be embedded in Sugar Market pages or external pages. 
Form templates allow you to reuse your designed forms to help you quickly generate new forms, and ensure consistency across your forms and conformity to company standards. Templates save all of your form's fields, their settings and mappings, and your form's design. Your form actions and field rules are not saved in a template, including your redirect URL.
In the navigation bar, click the Pages and Forms module.
This page explains how to map external lead forms from Sugar Market to your external CRM.
Including UTM parameters in your forms will enable you to track your visitor traffic through tags added to your landing page's URL.