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Using UTM Tracking in Forms


Including UTM parameters in your forms will enable you to track your visitor traffic through tags added to your landing page's URL.

Setting UTM Parameters

To begin using UTM parameters, you first need to define them on your form and then add them to your Sugar Market landing page URL. 

Note: UTM Parameters and URL Parameters are referred to interchangeably in Sugar Market.

To set up UTM parameters on your form:

  1. When setting form basics in Form Builder, select the "Enable URL Parameters" checkbox. 
    SM UG Forms utm enable
  2. The five parameter fields are added to the bottom of the form layout in Form Builder's build step. You can change the default parameter names here if desired. Map each parameter to a database field. Each field will hold a value that provides information on how the contact arrived at the page. Ensure you click the Apply button at the top right-hand corner to save the mappings. 
    SM UG Forms utm fields

Note: Your contacts will not be aware of the parameter fields because they are hidden fields on your form.

Generating a Landing Page URL with UTM Parameters

After your UTM parameters are defined on your form, you need to manually reconstruct your hosting page's URL to use in your email campaigns or another source. Forms with UTM parameters must be embedded in a Sugar Market landing page; the parameters will not work if you host the form on your own website.

  1. Open your landing page in Page Builder.
  2. From the three-dots menu, select "View Published URL", and then click the View Page button.
    SM UG Forms utmpage
  3. Manually append the URL parameters to the URL in the address bar using the following format, beginning with ? and separating each parameter with &:
  4. Copy the new URL to your system clipboard, and then paste it into a Sugar Market email or another source. Any contact who visits the modified link will have the corresponding UTM parameters recorded on the form. In the following example, the UTM_Source=email parameter will be tracked when a contact submits your form with this URL, and the source will be recorded as "email" in your Individual Form Results:
    SM UG Forms urlwithutm

Viewing UTM Tracking Results

The results of your form submissions are available via the Details panel in the Forms list view. To view results:

  1. Select the form in the Forms list view, and then click the Reports tab in the right-hand panel.
    SM UG Forms ifrreport
  2. Click the Individual Form Results link.
  3. Locate the desired UTM value in the corresponding UTM parameter column. For reports with a large number of results, use the filter option in the header row to return only specific values. The following example shows results from UTM_Source=email.
    SM UG Forms utmresults