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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Use Case: Creating an Unengaged Contact Report


The following use case demonstrates using a custom report to find which contacts have not been engaged in the last six months using the SalesfusionLastActivity field, which provides a timestamp of a record's last activity.

Steps to Complete

To create the report:

  1. Navigate to Create > Report > Advanced Report Builder.
    SM KB Reports unopenedemail
  2. Set your parameters as follows:
    • Select Data Source: Single Table
    • Table/View: Contacts
    • Report Type: Tabular
    • Report Name: Contacts Unengaged Previous 6 months.
    • Report Description: Your preferred descriptor for this report.
    • Shared Report: Select this option if you want this report to be visible to other users.
    • Report Folder: Your preferred location for storing the report.
      SM KB unopenedemail2
  3. Click the Create Report button. The Report Details page opens.
    SM KB reportdetails
  4. On the Columns tab, click the Add button. Select the following columns, and then click the Save button:
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • Email
    • SalesfusionLastActivity
      SM KB unopenedemails3
  5. On the Filters tab, click the New button. Set the following criteria, and then click the Save button:
    • Column Name: SalesfusionLastActivity
    • Operator: Is Less Than
    • Column Value: ++DaysSubtract180++
    • Row Logic: AND
    • Group Number: 1
      SM KB reportfilter
  6. Click the Save Report button in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. Hover over the Report Options button, and then select your desired report type.
    SM KB runreport

Use this report for any desired time period by modifying the number of days used in the filter in Step 5.

Last modified: 2021-03-02 15:03:08