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This release is only available for SugarCloud customers.

DocuSign Integration


Sugar's DocuSign® Integration allows users to send documents such as quotes and contracts for electronic signatures directly from Sugar records. Signature status and the signed documents are maintained with their originating Sugar records, providing an uninterrupted workflow within Sugar. This documentation describes how to use the DocuSign integration in your Sugar instance.

For information on how to use DocuSign, please refer to the documentation on the DocuSign website.


Sugar's DocuSign integration includes the following features:


  • The DocuSign connector must be configured by a System Administrator before you can access the integration.
  • Your Sugar profile must be configured with an account associated with a paid DocuSign plan before you can send envelopes from Sugar.
    Note: Free DocuSign accounts are allowed to send a small number of envelopes for testing purposes. Refer to the DocuSign website for information on the differences between account types.

While this documentation is written for Sugar users with a profile connected to a DocuSign account, limited functionality in the DocuSign dashlet can be accessed by other users. Please refer to the Using the DocuSign Integration without a DocuSign Account section for more information.

Suggested Settings

We recommend making the following admin configurations to your Sugar instance to optimize the user experience.

Note: You must be a system administrator to complete the following configurations.

  • Unhide the DocuSign Envelopes module: The DocuSign Envelopes module is hidden by default. While you can create and select envelopes without making the module visible, you may want to remove the module from the hidden modules list via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels for easier envelope access.
  • Create a role for users who will have access to the DocuSign functionality: Most customers will want users to be able to access each other's envelopes (team permitting), but only edit or delete their own. To create a role that restricts users from editing or deleting other users' envelopes, create a new role via Admin > Role Management with the following settings:
    • Role Name: DocuSign Users
    • Module Permissions: For the DocuSign Envelopes module, set the following permissions:
      • Access: Enabled
      • Access Type: Normal
      • Delete: Owner
      • Edit: Owner
      • List: All
      • Record View: All

DocuSign Integration Workflow

The DocuSign Integration provides a link from your Sugar instance to your DocuSign account to request and manage signatures on documents. The basic steps of the DocuSign integration workflow include:

  1. Initiate a request for signatures: You request signatures on documents within Sugar. Documents are managed within envelopes that contain one or many documents that are transmitted to and from contacts. The documents sent for signature are linked to parent records.
  2. Select recipients: Identify the recipients of the envelope within your DocuSign account, which opens when you initiate a Send to DocuSign.
  3. Monitor signature status: Access the status of envelopes in the DocuSign dashlet and the DocuSign envelope record.
  4. Download signed documents: View and download signed documents from the DocuSign dashlet, the DocuSign Envelopes module, or the Documents module.

Note: The envelopes used to request and manage signatures within Sugar are accessible within your DocuSign account; however, envelopes you create directly in your DocuSign account are not accessible within Sugar unless you manually import envelopes.

Accessing the DocuSign Integration

The DocuSign integration is available in the following locations:

DocuSign Dashlet

The DocuSign dashlet can be added to the home dashboard, list view intelligence pane, and record view intelligence pane. When the dashlet is displayed in list view, the records are filtered for the current module type when it is displayed on the home dashboard, where envelopes for all modules are included. When displayed in record view, the New Envelope tab is included to allow the quick creation of new envelopes.

Home Dashboard and List View DocuSign Dashlet Record View DocuSign Dashlet
docusign home dashlet docusign recordview dash

The dashlet is organized into the following tabs:  

  • Overview: Provides a chart representing the status of all envelopes. Hover over each segment to view the number and percentage for each status. Click a segment to display details in the dashlet's Envelopes tab.
  • Envelopes: Lists all envelopes added to DocuSign, including the envelope status, date created, created by user name, and a download link*. The envelope name links to the Document Envelope record.
    * Only the user that created the envelope may download it via the Envelopes tab on the DocuSign dashlet. Other users may download the envelope from the DocuSign Envelopes module, depending on their team and role permissions.
    docusign homedash envelopes
  • Drafts: All envelopes in draft status. Click the Open Draft button (folder icon) next to each envelope to open the document in DocuSign. The envelope name links to the Document Envelope record.  
    docusign homedash drafts
  • New Envelope: This tab is only displayed when the dashlet is in the record view intelligence pane. Click the Add Document button to open a Search and Select drawer where you can select documents to add to the new envelope, and then click the Send button to open the envelope in DocuSign. 
    docusign recordview dashlet new

Documents Subpanel Actions Menu

Select "Send to DocuSign" from the Documents subpanel Actions menu to send the selected document for signature through DocuSign:
Send to DocuSign

Cloud Drive Dashlet Actions Menus

Sending a document to DocuSign can be initiated from the Cloud Drive dashlet either as a dashlet action in the three-dots menu or as a row action in the row Actions menu. Using the dashlet-level action requires you to select a Sugar document to send while using the row action sends that row's document. On a record view dashboard, you can also choose to Doc Merge and then send the resulting merged document to DocuSign via the dashlet action "Doc Merge to DocuSign".


You can use process definitions in SugarBPM to create an activity that is similar to an approve/reject activity. The Send to DocuSign form activity allows users who are routed records from processes to send any record to DocuSign via the Processes dashlet.

Once in DocuSign, you can add recipients, documents, and anything else regarding the signing workflow within DocuSign.

Using the DocuSign Integration without a DocuSign Account

Users without a DocuSign account or those who do not have their Sugar profile connected to their DocuSign account can access the DocuSign dashlet with limited functionality. These users can access the following:

  • The Overview and Envelopes tabs in the DocuSign dashlet.
    Docusign overview unauth
  • DocuSign envelope records from the dashlet's Envelope tab. While the download link is available to these users, they can only download completed documents if they created the DocuSign Envelope record.
    docusign envelopes unauth

Note: The "Send to DocuSign" option is displayed in the Documents subpanel Actions menu for these users, but an error message displays if they attempt to use this action.


You request signatures on documents through the DocuSign Integration in Sugar, which opens your DocuSign account where you manage the recipients and the signing workflow. Requests for signatures and the resulting signed documents are sent through envelopes, which are maintained within your Sugar instance. Envelopes are automatically created when you initiate a "Send to DocuSign" and are managed in the DocuSign Envelopes module. You can request signatures on any Sugar document from the DocuSign dashlet or the Documents subpanel in a related record.

Requesting Signatures for Individual Documents

To request signatures from the Documents subpanel, select "Send to DocuSign" from the Actions menu. A new page opens with your DocuSign account, where you will select recipients, identify the signing workflow, and send the request.

docusign sendsubpanel

Requesting Signatures for Multiple Documents

You can request signatures for multiple documents associated with the same record in the record view DocuSign dashlet.

To request signatures for multiple documents:

  1. On the DocuSign dashlet New Envelope tab, click the Add Document button. A Search and Select drawer opens with the available documents.
    docusign sendsubpanel
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the desired documents, and then click the Select button. The documents are added to the list in the DocuSign dashlet.
  3. Click the Send button to open DocuSign, where you will select recipients, identify the signing workflow, and send the request.
    docusign sendfrom newenv

After the request is sent from DocuSign, a DocuSign envelope record is created in Sugar and the envelope is added to the list on the DocuSign dashlet Envelopes tab with "Sent" status. The envelope name is the name of the first document added to the envelope.

Note: The envelope recipients will see the name associated with your DocuSign account as the sender, not your user account name in Sugar. 

Using a Template

To use a template in DocuSign via Sugar, you must use the DocuSign dashlet. See the Dashboards and Dashlets page for details on adding dashlets to your view. When viewing a record, you will see a Use Template button in the dashlet. Click this button to see a fetched list of templates from your DocuSign account. After selecting the template, you may be asked to choose recipients if an administrator has enabled this feature. Please see the DocuSign page in the Administration Guide for more information.

When using a template, be sure to fill in the user's role. The role is generated from the template used, therefore, if you wish to change the names of any roles, change them in the DocuSign web app.

Selecting Recipients

You may select recipients in Sugar during envelope creation from the Documents subpanel or the DocuSign dashlet. An admin must have this option enabled; please see the DocuSign page in the Administration Guide for more information.

Selecting Recipients From the DocuSign Dashlet

From the DocuSign dashlet, upload one or many document(s) into the dashlet from any module's record view. After uploading your documents, press the Send button to see a drawer where you can select recipients. The recipient's email addresses will be displayed, as well as their parent record's email address (e.g., if the recipient is a contact record you will also see the account's email address). Select the email addresses you wish to include in the envelope and click the Select button. You will then be taken to the DocuSign website where you can manage the rest of the signing workflow.

Selecting Recipients From the Documents Subpanel

To select recipients from the Documents subpanel, click the Actions menu to the right of a specific Sugar document and select "Send to DocuSign". You will see a drawer where you can select recipients. Select the email addresses you wish to include in the envelope. After pressing the Select button, DocuSign's website will open where you can manage the signing workflow.

Viewing Signature Status

View the status of sent envelopes in the DocuSign dashlet or the DocuSign Envelopes module. Please refer to the DocuSign documentation for a description of status types.

DocuSign dashlet DocuSign Envelopes module
docusign status dashlet DocuSign Envelopes module status

Whenever the status is updated, the assigned user will receive a notification in the Notifications module. Please refer to the User Interface documentation for more information on notifications.

Downloading Signed Documents

Completed documents are saved with "- Completed" appended to the original file name. You can view and download signed documents in the following locations within your Sugar instance:

  • DocuSign dashlet (only available if you created the envelope)
    docusign download dashlet
  • Documents module
    Completed DocuSign document in Documents module
  • DocuSign Envelopes module
    Fetch completed DocuSign document
    To download completed documents from a DocuSign envelope record, select "Fetch completed document" from the record's Actions menu. The document will populate the record's Completed Document field.

Note: Signed documents are also available in your DocuSign account.

Managing Envelopes

You can perform the following actions within the DocuSign envelope record to manage the envelopes created in Sugar:

Resending Envelopes

Envelopes that are in "Sent" and "Delivered" envelope status can be resent to the original recipients. To resend envelopes, click the Resend option in the DocuSign envelope record. 
Resend DocuSign envelope

Updating Envelope Status

To update the envelope status, select "Fetch envelope" from the DocuSign Envelope record. The Status field is updated and a new entry is added to the Comment Log.
Fetch envelope status

Merging Duplicate Envelopes

To find and merge duplicate envelopes:

  1. From the Document Envelope record's action menu, select "Find Duplicates". A Search and Select drawer opens with any duplicate envelopes found.
    Find duplicates
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the records to merge, and then click the Merge Duplicates button.
    Find Duplicates

For more information on finding duplicates and merging Sugar records, please refer to the User Interface documentation.

Importing DocuSign Envelopes

The envelopes you create in Sugar are maintained in Sugar and are also available in your DocuSign account. The envelopes you create in your DocuSign account are not accessible in your Sugar instance unless you import them via a CSV file.

To import DocuSign envelopes:

  1. From the DocuSign Envelopes module Actions menu, select "Import DocuSign Envelope".
    Import DocuSign envelopes
  2. Click the "Download Import File Template" link to download a file that contains the correct format for uploading envelopes.
  3. Follow the instructions in the template and save. The Envelope ID column is required and must be populated with the IDs from DocuSign.
  4. Click the Choose File button and navigate to the file you just created.
  5. Choose to create only new records with the uploaded envelopes or to also update existing records, and then click the Next button.
    Import DocuSign envelopes
  6. On Step 2 of the wizard confirm that the header rows appear as expected, and then click the Next button.
  7. On Step 3, the wizard attempts to match fields to the header rows in your file. Make any desired changes, and then click the Next button at the bottom of the page.
  8. On Step 4, select the fields to use for duplicate checking by dragging fields from the Available Fields list to the Fields to Check list.
    Import DocuSign envelopes step 4
  9. Click the Import Now button to begin the import.

DocuSign Envelopes Module

The DocuSign Envelopes module was added to Sugar to support the DocuSign feature. The DocuSign Envelopes module is where you can upload DocuSign envelopes in bulk and manage existing DocuSign envelopes. This section provides information specific to the DocuSign Envelopes module. For information on views and actions that are common across all Sugar modules, such as editing and deleting DocuSign envelopes, please refer to the Working with Sugar Modules section of this page.

Note: The DocuSign Envelopes module is hidden by default. If you do not see the DocuSign Envelopes module, please check the Layout Options in the Advanced tab of your user profile or ask your Administrator to unhide the module via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels.

DocuSign Envelope Fields

The DocuSign Envelopes module contains a number of stock fields that come out of the box with Sugar. For information on using and editing various field types, refer to the User Interface documentation. The definitions below are suggested meanings for the fields, but the fields can be leveraged differently to best meet your organization's needs. Administrators or users with developer-level role access have the ability to alter, add, or remove fields via Admin > Studio. For more information on configuring fields, please refer to the Studio documentation in the Administration Guide.

Field Description
Envelope ID A unique identifier that is automatically generated when the envelope is created. 
Status Where the envelope is in the workflow. Values are determined from DocuSign's statuses. Please refer to the DocuSign documentation for a description of status types. When the status changes, the assigned user will receive a notification.
Parent The parent record with which the envelope is associated. This field label updates with the module name when a new DocuSign Envelope record is saved.
Last Audit Date and time of the most recent envelope status retrieved from DocuSign.
Teams The Sugar team(s) that have access to the record.
Assigned to The Sugar user to whom the envelope is assigned. The value in this field defaults to the user who created the envelope.
Date Created The date and time when the envelope was created in Sugar.
Date Modified The date and time when the envelope was last updated in Sugar.

Working With Sugar Modules

While the DocuSign Envelopes module has some features that only apply to DocuSign envelopes, it also uses the Sidecar user interface that most Sugar modules are based on. The following sections detail menus, views, and actions common to Sidecar modules and contain links to additional information within the page or links to the User Interface documentation.

DocuSign Envelopes Menus

The DocuSign Envelopes module contains various options and functionality that are available via menus in the module tab, list view, and record view. The following sections present each menu and its options with links to more information about each option in the User Interface documentation or, for DocuSign Envelopes-specific functionality, within this page.

Module Tab Menus

Click the DocuSign Envelopes module tab in the navigation bar to access the DocuSign Envelopes list view. You may also click the three-dots menu in the DocuSign Envelopes module tab to display the Actions, Recently Viewed, and Favorites menus. The Actions menu allows you to perform important operations within the module. The Recently Viewed menu displays the list of accounts you most recently viewed. The Favorites menu displays the list of accounts you most recently marked as favorites.
DocuSign module tab menu

Note: By default, the DocuSign Envelopes module is hidden in Sugar and the system administrator must enable the module via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels. For more information on displaying modules in Sugar, please refer to the Developer Tools documentation in the Administration Guide.

The module tab's Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
View Envelopes Displays the DocuSign Envelopes list view.
Import DocuSign Envelope Opens an import wizard that enables the bulk upload of DocuSign envelopes.

For more information on module tab menus including reasons a module may not be included in the menu, see the User Interface documentation.

List View Menus

The DocuSign Envelopes list view displays all envelope records and allows for searching and filtering to locate specific envelopes. You can view the basic details of each record within the field columns of the list view or click an envelope's name to open the record view. To access a module's list view, simply click the module's tab in the navigation bar.

List View Mass Actions Menu

The Mass Actions menu to the right of the checkbox option in the list header allows you to perform mass actions on all currently selected records. You can use the checkbox on each record's row to select individual records or click the checkbox in the list header to select all records displayed on the current set of list view results.

docmerge massactions
The Mass Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
Mass Update Mass update one or more envelopes at a time.
Merge Merge two or more duplicate envelopes.
Delete Delete one or more envelopes at a time.
Export Export one or more envelopes to a CSV file.
List View Record Actions Menu

The Record Actions menu to the far right of each record's row allows you to perform actions on the individual record directly from the list view.
DocuSign list view record actions menu

The list view's Record Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
Preview (Eye icon) Preview this DocuSign envelope in the intelligence pane.
Edit Edit this DocuSign envelope.
Delete Delete this DocuSign envelope.

Record View Actions Menu

The DocuSign Envelopes record view displays a single envelope in full detail. To access a DocuSign envelope's record view, click a hyperlinked document name from anywhere within Sugar. The record view's Actions menu appears on the top right of the page and allows you to perform various operations on the current record.
DocuSign record view actions menu

The Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
Share Opens a Sugar email record to compose an email with an embedded link to the DocuSign envelope.
Resend Sends the DocuSign envelope to the recipients identified when the envelope was originally sent. This option is only available for envelopes in "Sent" or "Delivered" status.
Fetch envelope Retrieves the latest envelope status from DocuSign. 
Fetch completed document Retrieves the signed document and attaches it to the DocuSign envelope record. This action is only available for envelopes in "Completed" status. 
Find Duplicates Searches existing DocuSign envelope records for potential duplicates and provides an option to merge any duplicate records found.
Copy Creates a copy of the DocuSign envelope record.
View Audit Log View a sequence of changes made to this record. Activity history is also available in the record's Comment Log field.
Delete Deletes the DocuSign envelope record.

Common Views and Actions

In the table below, the left column contains links to the User Interface page covering topics that are applicable to all Sidecar modules. The right column has links to sections of the current page that cover topics specific to DocuSign envelopes.

General Instructions for Working With Sugar Modules DocuSign Envelopes-Specific Instructions
Use the links below to navigate to the User Interface page which covers topics generic to many Sugar modules. When DocuSign Envelopes-specific help exists for each topic, use the links below to navigate to sections of the current page.
Creating Records  
Viewing Records  
Searching for Records  
List View List View Mass Actions Menu
List View Record Actions Menu
Record View Record View Actions Menu
Intelligence Pane  
Editing Records  
Deleting Records  
Exporting Records  
Recalculating Calculated Values  
Finding Duplicate Records  
Merging Records  
Favoriting Records  
Following Records  
Sharing Records  
Viewing Record Audit Logs  

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