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Lead Scoring


One of the most important parts of marketing is making sure you target the most qualified leads and contacts. Sugar Market's Lead Scoring module helps you decide which leads and contacts should receive content based on their level of engagement or specific activities. With an unlimited number of lead scoring profiles, you can customize your lead scoring in countless ways. This section provides information on how to set up and manage lead scoring in Sugar Market.

For best practices on setting up lead scoring, please refer to the Lead Scoring 101 guide on our website. Please also refer to the SugarPredict for Sugar Market User Guide for information on Sugar Market's A.I.-driven predictive lead scoring.


    Lead scoring is managed through scoring profiles in Sugar Market. Scoring profiles identify the weight of importance for each activity and the actions to occur when a lead accumulates a defined number of points. You can create an unlimited number of scoring profiles and actions within each profile in Sugar Market, affording significant flexibility that can take your marketing efforts to the next level.
    Lead templates allow you to create Opportunity and Task records and update Contact records based on scoring profiles, listeners, events, forms, and legacy nurtures in Sugar Market.
    This page describes how to locate and make changes to existing scoring profiles.
    You view scoring profiles for Lead, Contact, and Account records and list views.
    Sugar Market's account-based scoring leverages your existing lead scoring data and marketing approach to provide a marketing activity summary at the account level. This provides visibility into multiple contacts from the same account engaging with your content.

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