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Working with Account-Based Scoring


Sugar Market's account-based scoring leverages your existing lead scoring data and marketing approach to provide a marketing activity summary at the account level. This provides visibility into multiple contacts from the same account engaging with your content.

Account-based scoring generally averages the scores of the contacts associated with an account and assigns that score to the account. The algorithm is more complex than a true average since "0" and null scores need to be factored in. For example, consider an account that has five associated contacts with the following scores: 50, 40, 20, 30, 20. The account score would be 80, which is the average of the contacts' scores since there are no "0" or null scores.

Creating an Account Scoring Profile

Account-based scoring utilizes a contact scoring profile. Either create a new contact scoring profile for the account score or edit an existing scoring profile.

  1. At the top of the Contact Scoring Profile page, select the "Use as Default Account Scoring Profile" option to set the scoring profile as the profile on which to base account scoring. Since only one scoring profile can be used as the account scoring profile, you will be prompted to confirm if there is an existing account scoring profile.
  2. Click the Save button within the Set-Up Profile section to save your changes to the contact scoring profile.
  3. In the scoring profiles list view, the profile you identified as the account scoring profile is identified with a checkmark in the Account Profile column.

SM UG Scoring account2

Calculating Account Score

Sugar Market calculates the account score every thirty minutes using the following formula:

  1. Leads/contacts are matched to accounts and rolled up for one holistic view of the account.
  2. Lead scoring records with negative scores are removed.
  3. The bottom quartile of records is dropped if the account has at least four records to utilize for the account score.
    • Example: An account has seven records, four of them have negative scores, leaving three remaining records. Sugar Market will calculate the account score without dropping the bottom quartile.
    • Example: An account has ten records, two of them have negative scores, leaving eight remaining records. Sugar Market will calculate the account score using only the top six records because the bottom quartile was dropped, which is the two lowest-scoring contacts in this example.
  4. The record scores are totaled and divided by the number of records in the account to calculate the average score.