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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.



Industry events such as roadshows, lunch and learns, and webinars are great tools to bring prospects together in hopes of securing additional follow-up afterward. These types of events typically require lead-up activities to rally for registrations, confirmation and post-registration reminder emails, and additional post-event communication. This section explains how to coordinate these activities using the Events module in Sugar Market.


    This page explains how to use the Sugar Market Events module to create both in-person and online events, and to integrate online events with the online event management tools GoToWebinar and Webex.
    After creating your Sugar Market event, we recommend you carefully review the event details in the Event Master and make adjustments as needed, including editing emails and adding any additional sessions. Even if you do not make changes to the emails you have set up at this point, you must follow the process outlined in the Scheduling the Email to Send section for your drip emails to begin sending.
    Actions define the workflow around your Sugar Market Event, both those triggered by activity and those scheduled based on time relative to the event. Actions are set at the Event Master level and within individual sessions.
    You can manage your event registrations within individual event sessions and through the Event Check-In feature.

Last modified: 2021-01-16 18:07:22