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Customer Journey Plug-in 5.4.0 Release Notes


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the 5.4.0 release of the Customer Journey Plug-in™ by Addoptify. For information on supported platforms, please refer to the Connectors Supported Platforms page.

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for Sugar's upcoming 10.2.x (Q4 2020) release : This version of the plug-in can be used with supported Sugar versions up to 10.2.x.
  • Web hooks "Custom Post Body" : You can now send custom post body with web hook POST requests. An example of a Slack integration web hook has been added to the documentation to illustrate this feature.
  • New Journey option "Cancel Action" : On the journey template, the administrator can now decide what should happen to incomplete or not-started journey activities if a user cancels a running journey.
  • New Activity options "Specific Activity Completed" : The following journey activities can now be set relative to when an admin-specified activity has been completed:
    • Start dates and Due dates : The new "Days From Specific Activity Completed" option for the Start/Due Date Type field on the Customer Journey Activity template will allow the admin to choose a specific activity that, when closed, will set the current activity's due date based on the value set in Start/Due Days.
    • Assignee Rule : The new "Specific Activity Completed" option for the Assignee Rule field on the Customer Journey Activity template will allow the admin to choose a specific activity that, when completed, will determine the current activity's assigned user. 
    • Momentum Start Trigger : The new "Specific Activity Completed" option for the Momentum Start Trigger field on the Customer Journey Activity template will allow the admin to set the current activity's Momentum start date based on the time a different, selected activity has been completed.
  • Start a new Journey when stage or activity complete : The new "Start Next Journey" field on both the Customer Journey Stage template and the Customer Journey Activity template will allow the admin to optionally select a journey that will begin when the current stage or activity is completed. 
  • Target Assignee "User and Team" option : The administrator can now specify both the user and team that will be assigned to a given journey activity. 
  • Pre-populate the value of custom fields on Activity records : The admin can now specify in advance the value of any custom fields that they have added to call, meeting, and task records created by customer journeys using the Populate Fields section of the activity template.
  • Related Sugar Action enhancements
    • Automatically create or update related records : Automation has been added for "Create" and "Edit" type Related Sugar Actions using the new Action Trigger Type field (automatic vs. manual).
    • Pre-populate related-record field values : In the Related Sugar Actions module, values can be predefined for fields on the related Sugar record using the Populate Fields section of the Related Sugar Action record.  
  • Help text on templates : Help text has been added to assist with administration of journeys.
  • Performance improvements : Some improvements have been made to enhance performance when updating the sort orders of the activities.

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported to SugarCRM have been resolved in this version of the Customer Journey Plug-in by Addoptify:

  • 85127 : With the release of Sugar 10.1, the Module Loader upload step has identified issues with the package that prevents CJP installation.
  • 84818 : The momentum_start_field is built to use a dropdown list, but the dropdown list is not in the product installation file.
  • 84780 : Custom-set stage or task order numbers may unexpectedly revert to chronological order when tasks are closed via the Customer Journey panel.
  • 84221 : Customer Journey plugin create-actions trigger health check E flags.
  • 83464 : Momentum stays 100% on unattended customer journeys.

The following additional issues have been resolved by Addoptify for this release:

  • Users are able to perform other actions in the Customer Journey panel while reloading.
  • Non Customer Journey Plugin users cannot complete the Customer Journey Plugin activities properly.
  • Export/import relates journeys to users that don't exist.
  • Templates can be deleted even if they are in use.
  • Deactivated templates get activated after the upgrade.
  • Migration runs every time whenever the package is installed.
  • Fade effect fails when clicking on the Not Applicable button on a parent activity.
  • When the stage is edited, the sort order of the other stages is not updated accordingly.
  • Sort issue when Activity Templates are created with duplicate sort orders or the sort order is updated.
  • Parent activity doesn't convert to normal activity when deleting the last sub-activity.
  • Now momentum will calculate if cj_momentum_start_date is set and cj_momentum_end_date is null regardless of the status of the activity.

Known Issues

  • 85445 : Tasks related to a parent record that has been deleted will cause a 500 error.

Additional Information

The following pages contain information related to the use and installation of the most recent version of the Customer Journey Plug-in.

Last modified: 2021-03-31 20:05:52