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Installation and Upgrade

The Installation and Upgrade section covers topics including troubleshooting issues during installation and upgrade, file system permissions, hardware guidelines, and particular installation situations. For basic instructions about installing Sugar, please refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide.


  • Converting From Community Edition to Professional

    When moving from Sugar Community Edition to Sugar Professional, the following prerequisites, steps, and troubleshooting information will help you complete the conversion.

  • Downgrading Sugar Editions

    When a customer wishes to downgrade Sugar editions, the following steps must be taken. When moving from any higher edition to a lower one, we recommend making the transition first on a cloned instance for testing prior to downgrading your production instance.

  • Installing Sugar with an Oracle Database

    The main requirements to configure Sugar using an Oracle Database Server for data storage are the following:

  • Installing and Administering Elasticsearch for Sugar 7

    New technologies have emerged which scale and perform better than classic database (DB) systems for statistical analysis, full text search, and result faceting. Since Sugar 6.5, Elasticsearch (ES) was introduced as an optional system to power the global search functionality. ES capabilities have improved as well as its integration into Sugar. Because it is no longer possible to maintain DB-only fallback scenarios for the more advanced functionality in Sugar, ES is now a required component as of Sugar 7.1.5. Because of this, you can expect more advanced search functionality in upcoming releases.

  • Migrating from Sugar 6.x to 7

    Note: As of release 7.5, most instances can be upgraded from Sugar 6 to 7. This article is for customers who are not interested in upgrading but wish to move their data and customizations from a Sugar 6 instance to a Sugar 7 instance. For information about upgrading, please refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide specific to the version and edition to which you wish to upgrade.

  • Rerunning the Sugar Installer

    After initiating the SugarCRM Installer, it will not run again without editing the {sugarroot}/config.php file. Re-running the Installer may be required if an installation failed, to install another instance or to install a fresh database.

  • Installing Sugar on IBM i

    Use the section below to provide a short description of the problem. This section is used by other pages to provide an abstract of this page.

  • Troubleshooting Health Check Output

    Prior to attempting to upgrade to any 7.x release, Sugar recommends using the Health Check tool. The health check will notify you of any issues within your instance which will affect your ability to upgrade to your target version. For more information on running the health check, please refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide specific to your version and edition of Sugar.

  • Troubleshooting Missing Upload Button on Step 3 of Upgrade Wizard

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  • Troubleshooting No Zip Support During Upgrade

    While going through a Sugar upgrade, the system may detect that no zip support is found, and the upgrade fails.

  • Troubleshooting Upgrade File Upload Failure

    Attempting to upload the upgrade file to SugarCRM fails, returning the view to the main screen. No error messages are displayed.

  • Troubleshooting Upgrade Wizard Selection of Upgrade File

    The Upgrade Wizard authenticates and downloads the upgrade file as expected, but does not allow the user to select the upgrade file to continue the upgrade.

  • Troubleshooting Upgrade Wizard System Check

    The Upgrade Wizard hangs without error at the system check when upgrading or installing a patch to SugarCRM 5.0. Refreshing the browser window does not resolve the problem.

  • Troubleshooting upgradeWizard.log Error

    Symptom: When selecting the Upgrade Wizard, the following error message appears:

  • Upgrading On-Demand Instances

    On-Demand instances are automatically upgraded with Sugar's periodic releases (approximately one per month) to ensure they are benefitting from the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes. The entire upgrade process is handled by the Sugar Operations team, so there is no action required on your end to receive these improvements. This article will provide answers to some common upgrade questions for On-Demand instances.

  • What to Expect When Upgrading to 7.7

    Upgrades to Sugar 7.7 are available or required for instances according to the following guidelines:

  • What to Expect When Upgrading to 7.8

    Upgrades to Sugar 7.8 are available or required for instances according to the following guidelines:

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