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Upgrading SugarCloud Instances


Instances hosted on Sugar's cloud service are automatically upgraded and receive four releases per year containing new features as well as fixed issues to ensure that you receive the latest features and fixes as quickly as possible. The entire upgrade process is handled by the Sugar Operations team, so there is no action required on your end to receive these improvements. This article provides answers to some common upgrade questions for SugarCloud instances.

SugarCloud Upgrade Questions

How will I know when my instance is going to be upgraded?

All major version upgrades, defined by a change in the first two digits of the version number (e.g., 11.3.0 to 12.0.0) will be communicated a minimum 7 days in advance. An email is sent out seven days in advance of the upgrade to all configured email addresses as described in our SugarCloud Policy Guide.

Minor version upgrades, defined by a change in the 3rd digit of the version number will occur without prior notification. The purpose of these upgrades is to resolve critical issues in the application, and our goal is to limit the exposure to those issues as much as possible.

Why can I not upgrade my instance via Admin > Upgrade Wizard?

The Upgrade Wizard is disabled for instances on Sugar's cloud service as upgrades are performed and managed by the Sugar Operations team. Instances hosted on Sugar's cloud service are set to automatically upgrade which allows you to receive new features and fixes without any effort on your part. You can also file a case with the Sugar Support team to request and coordinate a schedule for the upgrade.

When will I be upgraded if I request an upgrade?

After receiving a request to upgrade via a case, the Sugar Support team will review your instance then coordinate the upgrade date and time with you. If there is a specific date or time that you would like the upgrade to occur, please include it when filing the case.

Can I roll back from an upgrade?

SugarCRM takes a backup of your instance before every upgrade. Should the upgrade fail to complete successfully, the upgrader will automatically restore your instance to the previously working version. Rolling back to the backup is not an option after the completion of a successful, scheduled upgrade. Should you encounter an issue with your instance after an upgrade, please file a case with the Sugar Support team to investigate the cause and potential solutions.

Can I test an upgrade before upgrading my production instance?

You can file a case to request an upgraded test instance in order to evaluate a new version in advance of your production instance's upgrade. Sugar support will provide a temporary sandbox which will be deleted after the upgrade case is closed.

Can users be logged in while the upgrade occurs?

All users must be logged out from the system during the upgrade window provided to you by your upgrade notification or your communication with Sugar Support. Instances are put into maintenance mode for the duration of the upgrade. Any users accessing the instance when it enters maintenance mode will be logged out.

Where can I find the release notes associated with my upgrade?

See the release notes for your product and version to understand the new features and capabilities that you will receive when you upgrade.

I have additional upgrade questions. What should I do?

Refer to SugarClub's Release Central for a collection of resources on the latest release of Sugar. If you still have questions, please file a case with the Sugar Support team. A Support representative will respond to your questions promptly.