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Home Page and Dashlets

The Home Page and Dashlets section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting Sugar's Home module as well as dashboards and dashlets which can appear on the Home page, record views, and list views.


  • Increasing the Size of the Web Page Dashlet

    In SugarĀ®, users have the option to add a Web Page dashlet to their home page dashboards. This dashlet is designed to display a specified external website. By default, the size of the Web Page dashlet can be a maximum of ten rows high, which does not always display the website properly. This article explains how to increase the Web Page dashlet's maximum height.

  • Previewing Related Records Via Record View Dashlets

    Type a brief summary that will appear as an excerpt on parent pages. Only include this paragraph if you want the summary shown on the parent page to be different from the first paragraph of the overview.

  • Standardizing the Home Page for All Users

    The administrator needs to standardize the Home page for all users in the organization.

  • Troubleshooting Home Page Tabs Language

    After installing a language package, the home page tabs (i.e. My Sugar, Tracker, etc.) still display in English.

  • What Does "My Closed Opportunities" Gauge Chart Represent?

    The My Closed Opportunities Gauge Chart displays your "closed won" opportunities. The gauge size matches the total number of opportunities assigned to you. The position of the line on the gauge and the number displayed inside the gauge matches

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