Let the platform do the work

Upgrade Transition Program (UTP)

The Upgrade Transition Program (UTP) is designed to help customers who want to upgrade but have been unable to complete their upgrade before the Sugar software version's published end-of-life date. The UTP, offered for an additional fee, provides customers with an interim support mechanism that enables a little extra time to plan an upgrade/migration to a supported platform.

The UTP provides additional 6, 12, or 18-month coverage options after the standard 24-month support timeframe has ended, the "UTP Period". As part of the UTP, Sugar requests Customers commit to an upgrade date within the selected UTP coverage option.

During the UTP Period, assistance with the current unsupported platform is provided on a best-effort basis using our existing support and operation teams and access to our consultants via a discounted Professional Services model.

Professional Services Model - Troubleshooting and support guidance is provided using pragmatic, best practice methods of deduction and problem-solving. It is naturally constrained by the practical limitations of the unsupported platform and is, therefore, not bound by standard support SLAs. Assistance under the UTP does not permit access to product engineering, development, hotfixes, or maintenance patches. Where an issue is identified and if SugarCRM believes a workaround can be built, the services to research, build, and deploy a customization patch will be offered to the customer using the discount Professional Services model.

UTP Pricing & Conditions:

  • UTP is offered for either 6, 12, or 18-month windows.
  • Enrollment is priced as a percentage of annual subscription price and UTP window length.
  • Customers are entitled to discounts on Professional Services list price for services required under the umbrella of UTP support/assistance.
  • Customers are required to commit to an upgrade date within the UTP window.
  • The UTP is available to customers on the annual release model running their instance on-premise.
  • Only currently-supported Sugar versions are eligible for UTP. See the Supported Versions page for additional details.

To purchase the Sugar Upgrade Transition Program, contact your SugarCRM business partner or Customer Success Manager.