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Troubleshooting Being Unable to Log In to Sugar


When I attempt to log into Sugar, I cannot log into the system. There is no error message. If I switch browsers or empty my cache, then I am able to log into Sugar. Why does this problem occur?


This problem may occur due to one of following reasons:

  • You exceeded the number of cookies allowed for the domain. Depending on the browser and the size of the cookies, you could be limited to as few as 20 cookies. If both your website and your Sugar application are on the same domain, then they share the cookie pool. So, if you log into another site while you are logged into Sugar, it creates more cookies. When the cookies exceed the limit, the Sugar cookies are pushed off the list, and you are unable to log into Sugar.
  • Your website is creating cookies with the same name as the Sugar cookie. Change the name of your website cookie and try to log into Sugar again.
  • Your password needs to be updated.  There are two ways Sugar handles password management. The first is having the passwords set/reset by an admin user. If at the login screen you do not see a reset password option, then you may need to contact your Sugar administrator to have them reset your password to something that would allow you to get in. However, it is possible in the settings to allow users to reset their own password. If that is the case, you can click on Forgot Password? and you'll be asked to provide your user name and email.  


Sugar will generate a password and send it to your email.  This password can then be used to log in, however, it's also possible for an admin to set up a time limit for that password, so make sure you log in as quickly as you can to make sure it's still valid. 

If you are an admin user and you are not able to get in using the admin or your own user with admin rights, then you can submit a case to get the password reset.  To do this you can submit a case through your customer portal, or by emailing us at support@sugarcrm.com and we can get that reset for you.