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Configuring Scheduled Report Charts in On-Site Instances


Users can schedule regular email deliveries of reports via the Reports Schedules module. For on-site customers who want to embed charts in their scheduled emails, additional configuration is needed for proper delivery. For example, you may want to change the server that Sugar is communicating with for speed and/or legality purposes. Additionally, you may need to ensure that the appropriate IP range is open on your firewall to allow communication between Sugar and the chart-rendering server. This article will walk you through how to configure both.

Changing the Region

Locate the config.php file that is in the top of the directory where Sugar is installed. Edit this file in the text editor of your choice. Then, find the following code in the file:

      'chart_service' => [
  'max_retries' => 3,
    'service_urls' => [
      'default' => 'https://chart-service-usw2.service.sugarcrm.com',

Replace the service URL in the line starting with 'default' with a new value from the below table. These URLs are in different regions. You will want to choose the location that best suits your needs. Choosing a server in the region you reside in will help increase the speed of your chart service. Additionally, you may need to choose a particular region for legal purposes. 

Code Region
'default' => 'https://chart-service-usw2.service.sugarcrm.com', United States (Oregon)
'us-west-2' => 'https://chart-service-usw2.service.sugarcrm.com', United States (Oregon)
'ca-central-1' => 'https://chart-service-cac1.service.sugarcrm.com', Canada (Central)
'ap-southeast-1' => 'https://chart-service-apse1.service.sugarcrm.com', Asia Pacific (Singapore)
'ap-southeast-2' => 'https://chart-service-apse2.service.sugarcrm.com', Asia Pacific (Sydney)
'eu-central-1' => 'https://chart-service-euc1.service.sugarcrm.com', Europe (Frankfurt)
'eu-west-2' => 'https://chart-service-euw2.service.sugarcrm.com', Europe (London)

Note: Be sure to keep the comma at the end of the line to prevent a syntax error.

Once your changes are complete, save and close out the file. 

Configuring IP Access

Refer to the Configuring IP Addresses, Ports, and Domains article for IP addresses needed for your selected region.