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Use Case: Nurturing Based on Prediction Score


This use case provides an example of a nurture flow in Nurture Builder 2.0 based on participants' interest prediction scores. Interest prediction scores are available in SugarPredict-enabled Sugar Market instances.


This example demonstrates a basic nurture flow to identify contacts with low engagement based on low interest prediction scores.

Steps to Complete

In Nurture Builder 2.0:

  1. Create a nurture campaign.
  2. Add an Evaluate Field Value conditional element to the nurture flow.
  3. Configure the element with the following settings:
    • CRM type: Contacts
    • Field: Interest Prediction Score
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: Low
    • Element Label Text: Low interest score
      nb20 evaluate predict
  4. Save the nurture with other desired settings and then publish.

in nurture Analytics, the interest prediction scores are displayed as numbers that correlate to the scores, as follows:

  • 5 = Very High
  • 4 = High
  • 3 = Neutral
  • 2 = Low
  • 1 = Very Low
    nb20 evaluate predictlow