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Sample Doc Merge Templates


Templates are required for merging documents with Sugar's Doc Merge feature. This article provides sample document templates you can use and provides instructions on how to use these sample templates.

Sample Document Templates for Doc Merge

While you can easily create your own document templates, the following pre-made templates may save you time if they meet or closely match your needs.

Follow these steps to use a sample template from the table below:

  1. Click on the name of the template to download or open it in a new window, depending on your computer's settings.
  2. Save the template file to your preferred location (e.g., the Downloads folder on your computer).
  3. Open and, if needed, edit the template to use your specific fields and preferred styles and branding.
  4. Proceed with the steps to create a Document Template record, as described in the Doc Merge documentation in the Application Guide for your CRM product.
Sample Template Template Module Description Type
Opportunities in Progress Accounts Displays a table that contains only the opportunities that are in progress for account records. DOCX
Quote Quotes Generates a quote with information about the opportunity and the product bundle. DOCX
Opportunity Details Opportunities Creates a spreadsheet that compiles records related to an opportunity such as calls, meetings, and contacts. XLSX
Opportunity Amounts using Conditionals Opportunities Provides a simple example for using conditionals based on the value of an opportunity. DOCX
Account's Meetings and Contacts Accounts Provides an example of using directives to generate lists and tables. DOCX
Tasks Tasks Provides an overview of task records including their related notes. DOCX
Opportunities in Footer Opportunities Provides the opportunity's details in the footer of a document. DOCX
Leads Detail Leads Creates a spreadsheet that compiles records related to a lead such as calls, meetings, and notes. XLSX
Meeting Details Meetings Creates a summary of a meeting record including meeting time, status, and related notes. DOCX
Part number labels Opportunities Generates a list of barcodes for each revenue line item associated with an opportunity. DOCX
Form letter Contacts Creates a form letter with information from contact records. DOCX
Account Profile Accounts Generates a document with information for an account record. DOCX
Opportunity Profile Opportunities Creates a document with information for an opportunity record. DOCX