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W-Systems Plug-ins

Support for W-Systems plug-ins has ended. Please note that a number of the W-Systems plug-ins have been built into Sugar's code base and are available to use in Sugar, such as Doc Merge, DocuSign Integration, Sugar Maps, Cloud Drive, Action Buttons, Copy Content, and Copy User Settings.


wActivities for Sugar is a paid add-on that collects past and upcoming calls, meetings, emails, tasks, notes, and any custom Sugar activities in two filter-enabled subpanels and allows you to report data across those modules, such as reporting on every activity type your support team has had on a weekly basis.


wBenchmark for Sugar is a paid add-on that can capture and store KPIs from any Sugar standard or user-defined module at specific points in time such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods. Create custom goals, metrics, and visualizations for your organization's unique needs.


The wDocs connector for Sugar is a paid add-on that lets users easily generate Microsoft Word documents natively from Sugar. Create letter templates, NDAs, letter quotes, statements of work, account visit-planning reports, and more.


The wDrive connector for Sugar is a paid add-on that lets you download and upload files to and from your local drive to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Your documents stay synced in real-time.


The wMaps connector for Sugar is a paid add-on that lets you view any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities, or any other Sugar module plotted on a map. You can quickly see what accounts or leads are in closest proximity to each other and plot the results on a map or generate directions for a visit. The maps incorporate details from your Sugar records directly on the maps.


wReferrals for Sugar is a paid add-on that enables you to refer records internally, from one Sugar user to another, or externally, sent to sources outside of your Sugar instance. Based on the referral's source (internal or external), wReferrals can either send a notification in Sugar to the receiving user or send an email message to the external source.


wTools is a full suite of productivity and UI customizations for Sugar. Contact us to find out how you can purchase wTools for your instance.


wUserUtils is a paid add-on for Sugar that enables admins to effortlessly manage Sugar user and team settings. Copy dashboards, filters, and locale settings, making new-user setup quick and easy. wUserUtils also enables admins to troubleshoot user issues and broadcast global messages in Sugar.

Sugar Connector to DocuSign

The W-Systems Sugar Connector to DocuSign lets users send documents for electronic signature and view the signed documents attached to the originating record in Sugar.

Sugar Connector to Slack

The W-Systems Sugar connector to Slack lets you create custom Slack message templates in Sugar using text, images, and Sugar data and directly link to Sugar records from Slack for easy access.

wMobile for SugarCRM

wMobile for SugarCRM lets you personalize your Sugar experience to easily manage all your activities. Native device integrations such as click-to-call, click-to-text, and GPS mapping allow you to get the most out of every customer interaction.

wMobile for GoldMine

wMobile for Goldmine is an application that can be installed on your server to provide remote access to your GoldMine™ CRM system.

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