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SugarPredict for Sugar Market User Guide


SugarPredict for Sugar Market incorporates color-coded predictive lead scoring into your Lead and Contact records to help you quickly identify which leads to send to your Sales team and which to include in your nurture campaigns. Using Sugar Market engagement activities and comparisons to your previously converted leads, SugarPredict produces accurate predictions of your leads' likelihood of converting to marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

This guide describes the SugarPredict functionality in Sugar Market. If you do not have SugarPredict for Market enabled in your instance, please contact your partner or Customer Success Manager for more information.


SugarPredict for Market will be enabled on your account in collaboration with your Customer Success Manager. If you would like more information about when it will be available to you, please contact your partner or Customer Success Manager.

The minimum requirements to have SugarPredict for Market enabled are:

  • You must have at least 100 leads that have converted to opportunities in the last 2 years.
  • You must have at least 1 lead in the last 6 months.
  • Your Sugar cloud environment must be hosted in one of the following regions:
    • ap-southeast-2: Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • eu-central-1: Europe (Frankfurt)
    • us-west-2: US West (Oregon)

If you have insufficient data to qualify for SugarPredict at this time, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sugar partner to discuss our Readiness Assessment.

Using SugarPredict for Market

When SugarPredict is enabled in your Sugar Market instance, the interest prediction scores are displayed in the Leads and Contacts list views and within lead and contact records. These scores are displayed in addition to the scores generated from scoring profiles in Sugar Market's Scoring module. Interest Prediction scores are available in the following Sugar Market locations:

Note: While Sugar Market's existing point-based scores are displayed in Account views, the SugarPredict results are not displayed in any Account views in the current release.

Configuring SugarPredict for Market

When enabled in your Sugar Market instance, SugarPredict is available to all users who have access to lead and contact records; there is no configuration required. You cannot modify or hide the SugarPredict display. 

Leads and Contacts List Views

An Interest Prediction column with the scores for each record is displayed in all Leads and Contacts list views. Scores are displayed as temperature priority prediction badges ranging from Very High to Very Low. Click the Interest Prediction column header to sort records by prediction in ascending or descending order.

SM Predict listview

Blank Prediction Scores

Some records will not have a prediction score. Any of the following will cause a blank value to be displayed for a record's Interest Prediction score:

  • The record is associated with an opportunity
  • The record is attached to an account with an opportunity
  • The record is new and therefore does not have enough data to measure

Lead and Contact Record View

The Interest Prediction score is also displayed in Lead and Contact record headers, and additional details about the score are available when you click the information icon next to the badge in the record.

SM predict details

Understanding Interest Prediction Details

Up to five contributing factors are shown in the Interest Prediction Details as those that most heavily influenced the prediction model. Both positive and negative factors are included and are likely to change over time as the data and model evolve. Interest is communicated as one of five scores, ranging from Very High to Very Low. Very High represents the most likely to convert to an MQL and Very Low is the least likely to convert. The percentage represents a direct comparison of the record's pattern of engagement in comparison to your converted leads. 

Prediction scores are updated every fifteen minutes.

Custom Reports

Custom reports are available in the SugarPredict Scoring folder for each category of interest prediction, which can support your marketing efforts when you use them as include or exclude lists in your Emails and Nurtures, allowing you to target your leads according to their level of engagement.

For more information on Custom Reports in Sugar Market, please refer to the Reporting page in the Sugar Market User Guide.

Providing Feedback on SugarPredict for Market

We want to know whether you find SugarPredict useful in your marketing efforts. To provide feedback directly to our product team, please click the Feedback icon at the bottom of the Interest Prediction Details dialog to complete a brief survey. 

Note: Every feedback submission is reviewed by Sugar's product team, but a response is not guaranteed. For issues needing immediate response, please reach out to your Sugar partner, Customer Sucess Manager, or Sugar Support.
SM predict feedback2

Understanding Predictive Behavior

SugarPredict for Market facilitates rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritization through artificial intelligence (A.I.) predictive lead scoring. This section provides details of how SugarPredict calculates predictive behavior in Sugar Market and how it compares to the existing point-based scoring.

How Predictive Behavior is Calculated

SugarPredict for Market is currently based on a model specific to your Sugar Market account. The prediction model learns from one part of your lead conversion data and the model is tested with the other part of your data that the model has not yet seen. Additional training data is built in as opportunities close, which allows us to continuously update and evaluate the model to further improve predictions. The data being evaluated includes all of your Sugar Market leads' and contacts' engagement activities, including:

  • Web hits
  • Form submits
  • Email opens and clicks
  • Event attendance

How Predictive Behavior Compares to Point-Based Scoring

Sugar Market's existing point-based lead scoring is a powerful feature that allows you to assign values based on behavior and demographics and to set thresholds to determine when a lead should be sent to Sales. The process of setting up and maintaining the required scoring profiles is subjective and can be time-consuming, which often results in inefficient lead management. Since predictive scoring constantly evaluates your leads' engagement against your previously converted leads and does not require any manual setup or maintenance, it provides more reliable insight into your leads' potential to convert to MQLs and supports a more efficient workflow between Marketing and Sales. 

When your Sugar Market instance has SugarPredict enabled, the Interest Prediction score is displayed in your contact and lead records in addition to the traditional lead score. You may find some leads with high point-based scores may have low-interest predictions. This is because SugarPredict is evaluating the quality of engagement through patterns of behavior to uncover marketing opportunities and to reveal which leads should be prioritized. Since point-based scoring only measures the quantity of engagement, it is expected there may be some disparity between the two scores. For more information about Sugar Market's point-based scoring, please refer to the Scoring page in the Sugar Market User Guide.

Note: Both the existing point-based scoring and SugarPredict will coexist in Sugar Market. 

Upcoming SugarPredict for Market Features

While we will continuously evaluate the SugarPredict for Market functionality, the following features are planned to be implemented in a future release:

  • Additional predictions and associated actions for Fit Prediction and Conversion Prediction
  • Prediction scores displayed in the Lead dashboard