Let the platform do the work



Before using DocuSign, there are suggested settings for your Sugar instance to optimize the user experience. Sugar also provides the option to modify DocuSign settings to change how Sugar users can interact with DocuSign from within Sugar. Sugar admins can select the model that makes the most sense for their organization via Admin > DocuSign > Settings.

Suggested Sugar Settings

We recommend making the following admin configurations to your Sugar instance to optimize the user experience.

Note: You must be a system administrator to complete the following configurations.

  • Unhide the DocuSign Envelopes module: The DocuSign Envelopes module is hidden by default. While you can create and select envelopes without making the module visible, you may want to remove the module from the hidden modules list via Admin > Navigation Bar and Subpanels for easier envelope access.
  • Create a role for users who will have access to the DocuSign functionality: Most customers will want users to be able to access each other's envelopes (team permitting), but only edit or delete their own. To create a role that restricts users from editing or deleting other users' envelopes, create a new role via Admin > Role Management with the following settings:
    • Role Name: DocuSign Users
    • Module Permissions: For the DocuSign Envelopes module, set the following permissions:
      • Access: Enabled
      • Access Type: Normal
      • Delete: Owner
      • Edit: Owner
      • List: All
      • Record View: All

DocuSign Settings

Recipient selection behavior allows you to modify if users may select recipients in Sugar.  If you set this to "Display list of potential recipients", users are allowed to choose recipients when creating an envelope. The alternative setting, "Don't show potential recipients" disables this feature; this is the default setting.