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Sugar Serve 13.1 (Q3 2023) Release Notes


This document describes the changes and functionality available in Sugar® Serve 13.1.0 (Q3 2023). Sugar 13.1.0 is only available for SugarCloud (Sugar-hosted SaaS) deployments.

For information about any changes to existing functionality in this release, you can also refer to the What to Expect When Upgrading to 13.1 article.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are included in Sugar Serve 13.1.0 (Q3 2023):

User Interface
  • Tile view redesign: Easily view, sort, update, and navigate your way through records with the thoughtfully redesigned tile view.
    • Modern appearance: Tile view has been updated with modern colors and styles, matching other areas of Sugar.
    • Individual column scrolling: Scroll up and down within a column while the column headers and other columns remain in place.
    • Column count and total: Each column displays the number of tiles and a total value of a select currency, float, or integer field (e.g., account revenue), making it easier to summarize the data you see.
    • Focus drawers in tile view: Focus drawers are now accessible within tile view to view record data while staying in the same view.
    • Stickiness: Navigate away and return to a module's tile view without needing to click the Tile View button again.
    • Sort order: Sort your tiles by select fields in tile view, so you can choose how you wish to view the presented data.
    • Additional modules: When configured by an admin, tile view is available in almost all Sidecar modules, including custom modules.
  • Console pagination: Console list views are now broken up into pages instead of one large list of records to make navigating the results and getting the record count easier.
  • Updated views after closing the focus drawer: After a record is edited in a focus drawer and then closed, the view behind it (e.g., list view, record view) refreshes to ensure you always see the most up-to-date information. 
  • Additional filter operators added to the Date and Datetime field types: You can now use the following filter operators when filtering the list view using "Date" and "Datetime" field types: "More than _ days ago", "Last _ days", "Next _ days", and "More than _ days in the future".
Dashboards and Dashlets
  • Dashboard filters that control multiple Report dashlets: Dashboard filters allow you to group run-time filters from Report dashlets on a Home dashboard and control them with a single filter.
    • Create and name dashboard filters: Create dashboard filters that control run-time filters on multiple Report dashlets and give them a name that makes sense for your use case.
    • Create filter groups based on data types: Build filter groups based on data types to control similar run-time filters with a single filter.
    • Set default filter values: Dashboard filters are saved with your chosen default value.
    • Save filter values for each dashboard user: Share a dashboard and allow each user to pick up where they left off with applied dashboard filters saved per user dashboard.
    • Use remaining run-time filters for further filtering: Run-time filters that are not used in dashboard filters are available for use in individual dashlets, allowing you to further dig into your data.
  • Improvements to the Case Record View dashlet layout: Several layout and visual enhancements have been made to fields on the Case Record View dashlet to ensure helpful information is displayed by default and key data points are highly visible.
    • The Primary Contact field has been added to the default layout.
    • The Follow Up Date field displays the amount of calendar time until or since the follow-up date as a color-coded badge.
    • The Status field displays the status value (e.g., Assigned) as a color-coded badge.
  • Expanded tile view availability and features: Tile view is now available to configure across most Sidecar modules with the additional features of column count and total.
  • SugarBPM validation check on record assignment: A validation check has been added to SugarBPM processes to prevent records from being assigned to users if they have an inactive status at the time the process is run.
  • New Sugar Logic function returns the logged-in user: A new Sugar Logic function, isOwner, returns the currently logged-in user, which lets you create dynamic formulas that factor in the current user viewing the record.
  • New Sugar Logic function checks if the record is assigned: A new Sugar Logic function, isAssigned, checks if a record is assigned to someone, which lets you build calculations or determine visibility based on record assignment.
Action Buttons
  • Action Buttons added to focus dashboards: Action Buttons and Action Menus can be added to focus dashboards, so actions may be performed quickly from within the drawer with the click of a button.
  • Assign to the current user with Action Buttons: You can now create a button to dynamically assign records to the currently logged-in user instead of a static user selected during button configuration.
  • Quick actions available from the Cases module: Two Action Buttons and one Actions menu option have been added to the Cases module record view.
    • Claim button: Easily claim a case not assigned to you using the "Claim" Action Button at the top of the view.
    • Close button: Quickly close a case using the "Close" Action Button at the top of the view.
    • Unassign menu option: Remove the assignee on a case from the menu in the top right corner, freeing up the case to be taken by a different agent.
Smart Guides

If you have purchased the Guided Selling capability, the following feature enhancements are included in this version of Sugar:

  • Guided selling enhancements
    • Bidirectional Sugar Actions: In addition to triggering parent record actions based on smart guide activity, you can now configure Sugar Actions to trigger smart guide status changes when a field on the parent record is changed.
    • Hide smart guide stage numbers: Admins can now configure smart guides to hide or show stage numbers.
  • Service Console: This Home page dashboard provides a powerful work environment for customer service agents by incorporating SLAs and region-specific business hours, queues and metrics, insightful dashlets, and a cohesive case research and action experience.
  • Stock customer service reports: 29 stock reports around case SLAs, case status, and portal users are now available.
  • Stock customer service SugarBPM templates: Five process definition templates applicable to customer service use cases (e.g., SLA management, customer notifications) are now available.
  • Change timers module: Change timers, which capture how long a field remains in each state, can be used in reports to identify trends in case processing.
  • Case SLA fields: 12 fields have been added to cases to track trends in first response SLAs and case resolution time, using both calendar hours and business hours.
  • Bug resolution time fields: Two fields have been added to bugs to track trends in issue resolution time, using both calendar and business hours.

Fixed Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 92247, 87866: For instances containing a large number of module records (e.g., contacts, accounts), users may experience unexpected performance issues when adding recipients in the To field when composing emails in Sugar. 
  • 92234: Starting a new Smart Guide in a module (e.g., Leads) may fail with an error if the stage's activities only consist of calls, and there's a calculated field in the Calls module.
  • 92215: When replying to emails in Sugar, the email is not sent using the user's preferred sending account and instead uses their default email address. 
  • 92126: The Rows and Columns reports do not display the total count information as expected. 
  • 92085: Clicking Action Buttons with the Open URL action defined does not work as expected and displays an error in the new browser window. 
  • 92072: In certain circumstances, deleting a large Smart Guide attached to a template may may result in errors that are not meaningful.
  • 92071: Attempting to merge records in Sugar may fail with an error if the roleBasedViews configuration is set to "false" and the user is assigned a license type (e.g., Sell Advanced) that does not include Sugar Automate. 
  • 92070: Users that do not have permission to export records are improperly allowed to export reports in Sugar. 
  • 92018: When the due date calculation for Smart Guide activities is based on a date field of the Smart Guide's parent module, the setting is not respected properly and the due date gets calculated incorrectly.
  • 92013: For modules that contain a large number of fields with custom dependencies, performing any action in the Smart Guide may not work as expected and result in an error.
  • 92005: For Sugar 12.3 instances with a modified Advanced Search layout in the Users module, upgrading to Sugar 13.0 results in unexpected issues for the Users module's search functionality.
  • 91981: Upgrades to Sugar may fail in certain circumstances.
  • 91928: Custom fields are not available to select when configuring the Change Field action for a process definition.
  • 9192791819: In certain circumstances, Smart Guides that are created via SugarBPM processes may get duplicated in Sugar. 
  • 91903: No options are presented when attempting to configure a Create Record Action Button to populate the Related To field values from parent records.  
  • 91796: The Current Activity Task field for Smart Guides are missing from the Reports module after upgrading to Sugar 12.3. 
  • 91721: In certain circumstances, adding a new Smart Guide in a module (e.g., Accounts) containing a dependent field may cause all smart guides to disappear from the record. 
  • 91669: Configuring the Primary Sort Order field in the Metrics module for the Service Console does not preserve the changes as expected. 
  • 91588: When accessing Sugar using the Chrome browser on an iPad, the fields and UI elements may not display properly in the module's record view (e.g., Leads). 
  • 91587: In certain circumstances, the Resolve Conflict drawer may incorrectly appear when editing "Quotes" and "Quoted Line Items".
  • 91354: If inbound emails from Yahoo contain any attachments with 65 or more characters in the file name, the file does not get attached to the email record in Sugar.
  • 91003: When a report fails to run due to a 500 error, the error message that appears should be more meaninful and informative.
  • 90649: In certain circumstances, there may be performance issues with the Elasticsearch indexing after upgrading Sugar.
  • 90073: Smart guides fail to create on records with large amounts of related records and other associated automations.
  • 90059: In certain circumstances, sorting a related-record subpanel (e.g., Leads) using the Account Name field column may result in an unexpected error.  
  • 89831: Exported reports do not respect the locale settings in Sugar and incorrectly displays the date using the YYYY-MM-DD format. 
  • 89677: When creating a new field in Studio with data type of "ActionButton", adding a multibyte character label via the Configure Buttons option does not save the change as expected. 
  • 89641: Hint-related error messages are logged for some recently upgraded Sugar 12.0 instances that do not have Sugar Hint.
  • 88766: In certain circumstances, the Action Button may not work as expected in records containing required dependent fields and result in an error.
  • 86377: When creating a Process Definition and adding an evaluation in the Gateway element for the Users module's "Teams" field, attempting to select a team via the Search and Select drawer may not work as it incorrectly lists the Sugar Process Definitions instead of teams.
  • 85428: The record's audit log may incorrectly capture unsaved changes in certain circumstances for modules containing the before_save logic hook
  • 85203: An error may occur due to file size mismatch when uploading base64-encoded content using a PUT request to the /rest/v11_4/Notes/<note id>/file/filename API endpoint.
  • 82509: Changing the target module in a web logic hook does not remove the previous module as expected and the web logic hook continues to trigger for the old module in addition to the new one. 
  • 82372: When replying to inbound emails in Sugar, the body of the email may display extra spaces in between the lines.
  • 80259: Attempting to preview a Rows and Columns report for the Knowledge Base module may fail with an error if the display column contains the Body field. 

Known Issues

Click the link below to expand or collapse the 13.1.0 (Q3 2023) known issues list. 

The following known issues are present in version 13.1.0 (Q3 2023). Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue: 

  • 92589: Modules that do not have tile view configured by default will display "No data available" unless the values in the Available Values and Hidden Values columns in Admin > Tile View Settings have been edited in some way (i.e., rearranging values, moving values between columns).
  • 92588: Tiles in adjacent columns may shift to the left when using drag and drop in tile view.
  • 92587: The tile disappears behind other columns when using drag and drop in tile view.
  • 92477: DateTime fields may be calculated incorrectly in reports when accounting for daylight savings time (DST).
  • 92358: When all available CRM solution licenses (e.g., Sugar Sell Advanced) are assigned to users, administrators are unable to assign Automate, Hint, or Maps licenses even though there are available seats.  
  • 92331: Required dependent dropdown fields are not marked as required in the record view layout when creating or editing records.
  • 92326: When a report contains multiple name fields, having the report result sorted by default by one of the name columns may cause the report generation to fail with an error. As a workaround, remove the default display column sort from the name field.
  • 91146: Doc merging records using a template containing custom fields may fail to generate with an error. 
  • 91023: The Search and Select Users drawer may not display the correct count of user records if there is an inactive user in the instance. 
  • 90847, 88858: Unexpected email issues may occur in Sugar when using the Microsoft Exchange mail account as the authorized system email account.  
  • 90615: When logged into Sugar using a non-English language (e.g., French), changing the classification value for the sales_stage_dom list in Admin > Dropdown Editor may improperly change the classification values for the other list items. As a workaround, log in to Sugar with the English (US) language and manually update the classification of the list items to the correct values. 
  • 90322: Certain languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese) with special characters display incorrectly in reports exported as a PDF or CSV file. 
  • 90018: Attempting to populate the target list by selecting a report may fail with an error.
  • 89878: The Forecast Bar Chart dashlet in the Forecasts module does not display any data for individual sellers. 
  • 89728: In certain circumstances, opening the list view Mass Actions menu does not display properly on the screen. 
  • 89542: For instances wth a very large number of SugarBPM processes, trying to view the list of processes in the Process Management's list view may result in performance issues and fail to load. 
  • 89525: Selecting "All" from a record's related subpanel filter does not get preserved and reverts back to the last option chosen when logging out of Sugar.
  • 88957: In certain circumstances, performing a global search in Sugar may result in a 500 error.  
  • 88374: Attempting to reorder the columns in the Worksheet Columns Preview list view in Admin > Quotes Configuration does not work as expected. As a workaround, remove all the fields from the Worksheet Columns section then add the fields again to the section. 
  • 88366: When performing an advanced search in legacy modules (e.g., Users), the Status field may default to "NULL" causing search to not work as expected. 
  • 88261: Attempting to download a PDF file may fail if the PDF template contains an image that is hosted on a site using "HTTPS" in the URL. As a workaround, use an image that does not contain "HTTPS" in the URL. 
  • 87908: For instances that use SugarIdentity, the Reset Multi-Factor Auth option improperly appears during a user impersonation session.
  • 87701: Naming a custom field "processed" causes web logic hooks to fail to fire because it conflicts with Sugar's internal logic hook handling. As a workaround, use a different, un-reserved string as the field name.
  • 87602: In Sugar Enterprise, portal customization settings for the following features in Admin > Sugar Portal > Theme Portal are available but not applicable to the portal: the search bar, the banner, and the dashboard.
  • 87601: In Sugar Sell, portal customization settings for the following features in Admin > Sugar Portal > Theme Portal are available but not applicable to the portal: the search bar, the banner, the New Case button, and the dashboard.
  • 86285: In certain circumstances, users may experience unexpected behaviors when attempting to expand a subpanel or edit an empty Subpanel layout in Admin > Studio. For information on the workaround, refer to the issue's description in the case portal.  *
  • 85589: Saving the SAML settings may fail with an error "Maximum Length should be positive value" when the maximum length is not set for Sugar password requirements. 
  • 85246: Errors may get logged in the system after upgrading or installing Sugar when certain license data is missing.   
  • 84426: The Meeting Type field in the Meetings module does not reflect new values added to the Meeting Type dropdown list in Admin > Dropdown Editor.
  • 83796: SugarBPM processes always run after module-level logic hooks and it is not possible to configure them to run before logic hooks.
  • 83425: Custom Date fields in the PDF template may not respect the user's preferred date format. 
  • 82810: Fields based on non-existent or improperly defined custom field types may cause upgrades to fail.
  • 82742: The Forecast Bar Chart Dashlet may not load as expected in shared dashboards.
  • 82361: Emails sent from SugarBPM's processes may not include the link to new lead records generated from a Web-to-Lead form even though the process email template contains a link variable.
  • 81722: Sorting the fields by the column header (e.g., Name) in Admin > Studio or Module Builder may result in CSRF errors being written to the log file.
  • 81382: Deleting a target list related to a large number of records may fail with an error. 
  • 81297: If a web-to-lead form gets submitted using an existing email address in Sugar, the email address may not be marked as "Primary" for the generated lead record. 
  • 80865: It is not possible to search by the Record Name column in Process Management.
  • 80001: Email messages sent via SugarBPM may display HTML formatting when records are created using SOAP/REST v4.1. It is recommended to use the latest version of the API.
  • 79009: When the targeted module contains a broken field, configuring an Action element in a process definition causes the Process Design canvas to time out.
  • 77719: If a process definition contains a Wait event that is relative to a date field, the process does not adjust for changes that may occur to the date field after the Wait event's initiation.
  • 77287: Performing certain actions (e.g., import, mass update) in Sugar may result in performance issues if there are numerous calculated fields to be updated in related records. As a workaround, add the following line to the config_override.php file to disable the related calculation field updates: $sugar_config['disable_related_calc_fields'] = true;. But keep in mind that the affected calculated values will not be updated and running Recalculate Values on related records. 
  • 77249: Guests may not get imported to call or meeting records as expected.
  • 77055: Attempting to mass update the user's outbound email client via Admin > User Management may not work as expected.
  • 73566: Calculated or dependent fields containing a related() function may not get calculated until after save for activity-type modules (e.g., Notes).  
  • 68112: Matrix-type reports display incorrectly when exported to PDF.


Please refer to the Developer Blog in the SugarClub community for a summary of the changes in version 13.1.0 (Q3 2023) that may affect developers.

Supported Platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 13.1.x Supported Platforms.

Upgrade Paths

Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell Upgrade Paths

The following upgrade paths apply to Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell Premier, Advanced, and Essentials: 

Package From Version(s) MySQL
New Installs
13.0.0-to-13.1.0 13.0.0