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License Types Matrix

License Types Matrix

The following table describes what functionality is available for each license type in Sugar 12.0.x. For more information on working with licenses in your Sugar instance, refer to the License Management page. 

Capability (Sugar 12.0.x) Sell
Serve Enterprise

Smart Guides 1
Data Enrichment and News Feed 2,8
Geo Mapping 3,8
Mail and Calendar Integration 4

$   $ $

Enhanced Forecasting 5


Common Modules and Capabilities

Module Loader 11 *

Opportunities 6
Quotes & Quoted Line Items 6
Renewals Console
Revenue Line Items 6
Shipping Providers
Targets & Target Lists
Tax Rates
Web-to-Lead Forms
Forecast Bar Chart Dashlet
In Forecast Dashlet
Opportunity Metrics Dashlet
Product Catalog Quick Picks Dashlet
Sales Pipeline Chart Dashlet
Stock Sales and Marketing Reports
Top 10 Sales Dashlet


Sales SugarBPM Templates


Intelligent Lead Prioritization 9
Intelligent Opportunity Prioritization 9


List of Common Modules and Capabilities

The following table lists the modules and major capabilities that are common among all of Sugar's CRM license types.

Common Modules Administration User-Facing Capabilities
Accounts 6
Cases 7
Knowledge Base
Product Catalog 6
Purchases and Purchased Line Items
Shifts and Shift Exceptions
Action Buttons
Business Centers
Copy Content
Copy User Settings
Data Archiver
Data Privacy
Dropdown-Field-Based Record Views
Legacy Workflows
Role-Based Dropdown Lists
Role-Based Record Views

Activity Streams
Advanced Reports
Cloud Drive Integration
Dark Mode
Doc Merge
DocuSign Integration
Focus Drawers
Sugar Portal 7
Tile View

Specialty Dashlets:
Active Subscriptions Dashlet
Cases Summary Dashlet
Comment Log Dashlet
Knowledge Base Search Dashlet
Product Catalog Dashlet
Purchase History Dashlet
Record View Dashlet
Timeline Dashlet

Enhanced Module Functionality for Sugar Sell License Types

The following functionality is included on top of base module functionality for users with a Sugar Sell license type in Sugar 12.0.x.

  • Sugar Portal functionality:

Enhanced Module Functionality for Sugar Serve License Types

The following functionality is included on top of base module functionality for users with a Sugar Serve license type in Sugar 12.0.x.

  • Sugar Portal functionality:
    • Sugar Portal Chat: Embed a chat window in the portal so portal users can start a chat session with agents using SugarLive.
    • Chatbot for Sugar Portal Chat: A chatbot provided in the collection of assets that are included in Sugar Serve allows portal users to create a case, check the status of a case, or speak with an agent from the portal chat window.
    • Case deflection: Knowledge base article search from Sugar Portal's Home page allows portal users better access to self-service issue resolution prior to creating cases.
    • Case and knowledge base dashlets: The All Open Cases, Recently Resolved Cases, and Knowledge Base Categories & Published Articles dashlets allow portal users to view their company's current and recent cases and search for knowledge base articles.
    • Request to close case: The Request To Close button on cases in the portal allows customers to easily communicate that it is safe to close their case. In Sugar, the List of Cases Requested For Close dashlet informs you of all cases awaiting closure.
    • Record visibility: Admins can limit which portal users can see cases as well as the emails and messages related to them to either all contacts or only those related to the specific record.
    • Expanded customization: Admins can customize more aspects of the portal and see a live preview of their changes, including configuring the Home page banner, search bar, and dashboard.
  • Case SLA and resolution trends: Several fields are included on cases to track trends in first response SLAs and case resolution time, using both calendar hours and business hours.


1 Smart Guides is powered by Sugar Automate (formally known as Customer Journey Plug-in).
2 Data Enrichment and News Feed powered by Sugar Hint.
3 Geo Mapping powered by Sugar Maps.
4 Mail and Calendar Integration powered by Sugar Connect.
5 Enhanced Forecasting is powered by Sugar Discover.
6 This module includes enhanced functionality for some Sugar Sell license types.
This module includes enhanced functionality for Sugar Serve license types.
The Sugar Maps and Sugar Hint capabilities are also user license types.
9 Intelligent Lead and Opportunity Prioritization powered by SugarPredict.
10 Some stock customer service reports are available for all products, but a selection of them are only available for Serve, as indicated in the Stock Reports page.
11 Sugar Sell Essentials customers do not have the ability to upload custom file packages into Sugar using Module Loader.
12 Sentiment Analysis for Calls powered by SugarPredict for Serve and SugarPredict for Sell.