Let the platform do the work



Sugar as an application platform is internationalized and localizable. Data is stored and presented in the UTF-8 codepage, allowing for all character sets to be used. Sugar provides a language-pack framework that allows developers to build support for any language in the display of user interface labels. Each language pack has its own set of display strings which is the basis of language localization. You can add or modify languages using the information in this guide.

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Language Keys

Sugar differentiates languages with unique language keys. These keys prefix the files that correspond with particular languages. For example, the default language for the application is English (US), which is represented by the language key en_us. Any file that contains data specific to the English (US) language begins with the characters en_us. Language label keys that are not recognized will default to the English (US) version.

The following table displays the list of current languages and their corresponding keys:

Language Language Key
Albanian (Shqip) sq_AL
Arabic (العربية) ar_SA
Bulgarian (Български) bg_BG
Catalan (Català) ca_ES
Chinese (简体中文) zh_CN
Croatian (Hrvatski) hr_HR
Czech (Česky) cs_CZ
Danish (Dansk) da_DK
Dutch (Nederlands) nl_NL
English (UK) en_UK
English (US) en_us
Estonian (Eesti) et_EE
Finnish (Suomi) fi_FI
French (Français) fr_FR
German (Deutsch) de_DE
Greek (Ελληνικά) el_EL
Hebrew (עברית) he_IL
Hungarian (Magyar) hu_HU
Italian (Italiano) it_it
Japanese (日本語) ja_JP
Korean (한국어) ko_KR
Latvian (Latviešu) lv_LV
Lithuanian (Lietuvių) lt_LT
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb_NO
Polish (Polski) pl_PL
Portuguese (Português) pt_PT
Portuguese Brazilian (Português Brasileiro) pt_BR
Romanian (Română) ro_RO
Russian (Русский) ru_RU
Serbian (Српски) sr_RS
Slovak (Slovenčina) sk_SK
Spanish (Español) es_ES
Spanish (Latin America) (Español (Latinoamérica)) es_LA
Swedish (Svenska) sv_SE
Thai (ไทย) th_TH
Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) zh_TW
Turkish (Türkçe) tr_TR
Ukrainian (Українська) uk_UA


Change Log

The following table documents historical changes to Sugar's available languages.

Version Change Added Thai language pack. Added Croatian language pack. Added Traditional Chinese language pack. Added Ukrainian language pack. Added Arabic language pack.
7.2.0 Added Finnish language pack.
7.2.0 Added Spanish (Latin America) language pack.
6.6.0 Added Albanian language pack.
6.6.0 Added Slovak language pack.
6.6.0 Added Korean language pack.
6.6.0 Added Greek language pack.
6.5.1 Added Latvian language pack.
6.4.0 Added Serbian language pack.
6.4.0 Added Portuguese Brazilian language pack.
6.4.0 Added English (UK) language pack.
6.4.0 Added Catalan language pack.
6.2.0 Added Polish language pack.
6.2.0 Added Hebrew language pack.
6.2.0 Added Estonian language pack.
6.2.0 Added Czech language pack.
6.1.2 Added Turkish language pack.
6.1.2 Added Swedish language pack.
6.1.2 Added Norwegian language pack.
6.1.2 Added Lithuanian language pack.
6.1.0 Added Chinese language pack.
6.1.0 Added Russian language pack.
6.1.0 Added Romanian language pack.
6.1.0 Added Portuguese language pack.
6.1.0 Added Dutch language pack.
6.1.0 Added Japanese language pack.
6.1.0 Added Italian language pack.
6.1.0 Added Hungarian language pack.
6.1.0 Added French language pack.
6.1.0 Added Spanish language pack.
6.1.0 Added German language pack.
6.1.0 Added Danish language pack.
6.1.0 Added Bulgarian language pack.