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/integrate//:sync_key_field_name/:sync_key_field_value GET


Retrieves the record with the given sync_key_field_name.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
module String The module the record belongs to True
sync_key_field_name String The name of the field that contains sync_key_field_value (the default field is named sync_key but can be renamed via code customization) True
sync_key_field_value String A unique ID for the record identifying it in an external system True



Response Arguments

Body: formatted JSON object.


Successful Response

Status 200

Failed Response

Status 422

    "error": "invalid_parameter",
    "error_message": "Could not find record with :sync_key_field_name::sync_key_field_value in module: <module>"

Change Log

Version Change
v11_10 Added /integrate/<module>/:sync_key_field_name/:sync_key_field_value GET endpoint.