Let the platform do the work



Much of Sugar's user interface is built dynamically using a combination of templates, metadata and language files. A file caching mechanism improves the performance of the system by reducing the number of static metadata and language files that need to be resolved at runtime. This cache directory stores the compiled files for JavaScript files, Handlebars templates, and language files.

In a stock instance, the cache is located in the ./cache/ directory. If you would like to move this directory to a new location, you can update the config parameter cache_dir in config.php or config_override.php to meet your needs. It is not advisable to move the cache to another network server as it may impact system performance.

Developer Mode

To prevent caching while developing, a developer may opt to turn on Developer Mode by navigating to Admin > System Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode. This will disable caching so that developers can test code-level customizations without the need to manually rebuild the cache, which is especially helpful when developing templates, metadata, or language files. The system automatically refreshes the file cache. Make sure to deactivate Developer Mode after completing customizations because this mode degrades system performance.