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/pmse_Inbox/casesList GET


Returns a list with the processes for Process Management


This endpoint gets a list of Processes.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
module_list string Identifier used to determine which status to filter against false
order_by string How to sort the returned records, in a comma delimited list with the direction appended to the column name after a colon. false
q string A search expression, will search on this module. Cannot be used at the same time as a filter expression or id. false
filter string The filter expression false
filter_id string Identifier for a preexisting filter. If filter is also set, the two filters are joined with an AND. false
max_num integer A maximum number of records to return. Default is 20. false
offset integer The number of records to skip over before records are returned. Default is 0. false
fields string Comma delimited list of fields to return false
deleted boolean Boolean to show deleted records in the result set. false

Response Arguments

Name Type Description
next_offset Integer Next offset
records <field>/<value> List of process attributes


                "cas_status":"IN PROGRESS",
		"cas_update_date":"2016-06-01 23:18:59",
		"cas_user_id_full_name":"Sarah Smith"