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/PdfManager/generate GET


PdfManager Generate Endpoint Help


This endpoint returns and initiates download of a PDF.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
module String The Module name of the Bean from which to create a PDF True
record String The Record ID from which to create a PDF True
pdf_template_id String The PDF Template ID to use to create the PDF True
sugarpdf String The type of PDF to use. Defaults to 'pdfmanager'. False


   "module": "Quotes",
   "record": "abcde-fghij-12345-67890",
   "pdf_template_id": "12345-67890-abcde-fghij",
   "sugarpdf": "pdfmanager"


The response is a base64 encoded string of the contents of the PDF file.

Change Log

Version Change
v11.3 Added /PdfManager/generate GET endpoint.