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//record_list/:record_list_id GET


An API to return record list data


Get record list data. Only GET request allowed.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
module string Module name True
record_list_id guid record list id True

Request Example

GET /rest/v10/:module/record_list/:id

Response Arguments

Name Type Description
id guid record list id
assigned_user_id guid user id
module_name string Module name
records array record ids
date modified date date modified

Output Example

    "id": "39d2c781-c0b7-446f-1d83-56c6e3cda510",
    "assigned_user_id": "1",
    "module_name": "Accounts",
    "records": [
    "date_modified": "2016-02-19 09:42:44"