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//record_list POST


An API to create and save lists of records.


Create record list. Only POST request allowed.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
module string Module name True
records array Array of records True

Request Example

POST /rest/v10/:module/record_list

{records: ["e5c8bb3b-5eea-3d8a-c278-56c6affa6212", "e49395b4-d3b0-1e3f-600a-56c6afe7e34f"]}

Response Arguments

Name Type Description
id guid record list id
assigned_user_id guid user id
module_name string Module name
records array record ids
date modified date date modified

Output Example

    "id": "39d2c781-c0b7-446f-1d83-56c6e3cda510",
    "assigned_user_id": "1",
    "module_name": "Accounts",
    "records": [
    "date_modified": "2016-02-19 09:42:44"