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//customfield/:field DELETE


Delete a custom field for a specified module.


This endpoint is used to delete a custom field for a specified module.

Request Arguments

This endpoint does not accept any request arguments.


    "name": "ai_conv_score_c"

Response Codes and Error Messages

All successful responses should return 200.

This API returns the following error responses:

  • 403 (SugarAPIExceptionNotAuthorized): Sent if the user attempts to access a module which they are forbidden to access.
  • 404 (SugarApiExceptionNot Found): Sent if the requested field is not found.
  • 422 (SugarApiExceptionInvalidParameter): Sent if the module and/or field are invalid.
  • 500 (SugarApiExceptionError): Sent if there's an unknown error that causes the custom field to not be deleted in the module.

Change Log

Version Change
v11.11 Added /<module>/customfield/:field DELETE endpoint.