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/Genericsearch GET


Generic search.


This endpoint searches the content of the given modules using the provider specified by the "generic_search" configuration variable. If the variable is absent, the default provider is "Elastic".

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
q String The search expression. True
module_list String Comma-delimited list of modules to search. If omitted, all search enabled modules will be queried.
Example: KBDocuments,Bugs
max_num Integer A maximum number of records to return. Default is 20. False
offset Integer The number of records to skip over before records are returned. Default is 0. False

Response Arguments

Name Type Description
next_offset Integer Displays the next offset for retrieval of additional results. -1 will be returned when there are no more records.
total Integer The number of records found.
records Array An array of results containing matched records.


    "next_offset": -1,
    "total": 1,
    "records": [
            "name": "Connecting to the Internet",
            "description": "To connect your device to the Internet, use any application that accesses the Internet. You can connect using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.",
            "url": "portal/index.html#KBContents/60142236-bad3-11e9-9d32-3c15c2d57622" (for portal)
            "url": "#KBContents/60142236-bad3-11e9-9d32-3c15c2d57622" (for base)

Change Log

Version Change

Added /Genericsearch GET endpoint.