Let the platform do the work

Data Framework

The Sugar application comprises core elements such as modules, fields, vardefs, and other foundational components. The Data Framework pages document how these core elements are modeled and implemented in Sugar.


How modules are defined and used within the system
An overview of the SugarBean model.
Vardefs (Variable Definitions) provide the Sugar application with information about SugarBeans. Vardefs specify information on the individual fields, relationships between beans, and the indexes for a given bean. 
How fields interact with the various aspects of Sugar. 
Relationships are the basis for linking information within the system. This page explains the various aspects of relationships. For information on custom relationships, please refer to the Custom Relationships documentation.
For Sidecar, Sugar's subpanel layouts have been modified to work as simplified metadata. This page is an overview of the metadata framework for subpanels. 
All Sugar products support the MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate also support the DB2 and Oracle databases. In general, Sugar uses only common database functionality, and the application logic is embedded in the PHP code. Sugar does not use or recommend database triggers or stored procedures. This design simplifies coding and testing across different database vendors. The only implementation difference across the various supported databases is column types.