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Every record that has unsubscribed from a Sugar Market unsubscribe page is maintained in a table called Guarded Watch. This table acts as a safety net for both you and your prospects, so those who have unsubscribed are protected from receiving future communication.

When a contact unsubscribes, the Guarded Watch list takes precedence over any status change, so if an update changed the OpOut field value to No on a contact card of a contact who had previously unsubscribed, then emails will still not be sent to that recipient.

When a recipient chooses the Unsubscribe All option from your Sugar Market unsubscribe page, the following occurs: 

  • An entry is added to the Guarded Watch table with the contact's email, the campaign from which they unsubscribed, and the date.
  • On the contact level, Sugar Market updates the Contacts.OpOut field value to "Yes" and the Contacts.OpOutDate field value to the current date and time. 
  • If your external CRM is configured in Sugar Market to push unsubscribes, your CRM will be updated with the default unsubscribe field accordingly.

The following are the default unsubscribe fields Sugar Market pushes up to each external CRM:

CRM Field Name
Microsoft Dynamics DoNotBulkEmail
Infor DoNotEmail
SugarCRM opt_out
Sage mailrestriction
Salesforce HasOptedOutOfEmai

Managing the Guarded Watch List

  1. From the user menu, click "Admin".
  2. In the Administrator section, within the Marketing Administration tab, click "Guarded Watch".
  3. Use the search field or scroll through the list to locate specific email addresses.
  4. To manually add email addresses click the "Create" button, or click the import icon to import multiple email addresses with a CSV file.
  5. To export your Guarded Watch List, click the export icon.
  6. To sort your Guarded Watch List, click the sort icon and then choose the metric you wish to sort the list by.  
    SM lists GW2

Note: Updating a contact's OpOut status to "Yes" on a contact card directly or updating it in your external CRM does not add that record into the Guarded Watch. The record will not receive the email; however, if that record's OpOut is updated or deleted and added back in, Sugar Market will have no record of the contact opting out, so the contact would then receive an email if they are included in an email campaign.

Resubscribing a Lead/Contact

Sugar Market follows the CAN-SPAM act and uses the Guarded Watch list to store records that have elected to unsubscribe from all future emails via your unsubscribe page

To protect your contacts, records can only be removed from the Guarded Watch list by contacting Support. To submit a request:

  1. Obtain a written email from your contact stating they would like to opt back into your newsletters.
  2. Forward the above email to Sugar Market Support stating you want to opt the client back in.
  3. Provide your account information.