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Getting Started with Sugar Market


This topic describes how to start working in Sugar Market, including access and configuration information. 


The following are requirements for access to Sugar Market:

  • A supported web browser application is required on your local machine. Sugar Market is not currently supported in any mobile browser. For more information on the various supported web browsers, please refer to the Supported Platforms page.
  • The web browser must have JavaScript and cookie support enabled.
  • Network access to a server running your Sugar Market instance.
  • If an external CRM will be used with Sugar Market, then the CRM integration must be completed, as described in the Sugar Market CRM Integration Guide.
  • Your onboarding tasks should be complete.

Accessing Sugar Market

Depending on your region, navigate your web browser to one of the following URLs and enter your login credentials:

Location URL
US market.sugarapps.com
EMEA market.sugarapps.eu


Note: The salesfusion.com can still be used to log into Sugar Market but will be phased out in a future release.

SM UI login

Logging Out

From the User menu at the top right, select "Log Out".

SM UI sign out

Accepting Cookies

In an effort to be transparent about the data we are collecting and how we are using it, and to comply with applicable data privacy laws, Sugar Market requires you to provide explicit consent to our cookie and privacy policy the first time you log in to Sugar Market. Because Sugar products require the use of cookies, you will not be able to continue until you have provided consent. After providing consent, you will not see this message again.

Configuring Sugar Market Settings

Please refer to the Sugar Market Settings and Preferences page for detailed information on adjusting both global settings and individual preferences in Sugar Market.

Supported Languages

  • Sugar Market supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Content in emails can be in any language and Unicode encoding.
  • Email addresses are only Windows Latin 1 (ANSI) and ASCII. We do not support Unicode email addresses.


Please refer to Sugar Market's Data Security and Compliance Statement for details on security in Sugar Market.

Getting Help

You can click the Help icon at the bottom of the navigation bar to see the domain you are logged into as well as links to support resources for Sugar Market.