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CRM Management in Sugar Market


This section describes the functionality available in both Sugar Market's internal CRM and the CRM Sync Dashboard that provides a snapshot of the sync activities with your external CRM. For information on setting up and managing the integration with your external CRM, please refer to the Sugar Market Integration Guide.


The alignment of marketing and sales is crucial for any business. Having lead information shared automatically and quickly between marketing and sales allows for sales to follow up within minutes of the handoff and enables marketing to see what kind of prospects have the best chance of becoming customers, allowing them to adjust their initiatives in a timely manner.
Sugar Market has built-in CRM capabilities that can be used independently of an external CRM system. While we do not recommend using Sugar Market's internal CRM in place of an external CRM, there are some advantages to utilizing the Sugar Market internal CRM, including creating custom fields. This page describes the CRM management options available in Sugar Market's internal CRM.