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SugarCRM Mappings


This page shows how the fields in your SugarCRM instance map to Sugar Market's internal CRM. This is important for knowing what fields to map to in a landing page and in identifying how data flows between Sugar Market and SugarCRM. See the Integration Overview for information on the Sugar Market sync process.


SugarCRM Sugar Market
-- AccountID (primary key)
Sugar's Account ID (primary key) ID
Name AccountName
Assigned_user_id (foreign key) OwnerID (foreign key)
billing_address_street BillingStreet
billing_address_city BillingCity
billing_address_state BillingState
billing_address_postalcode BillingZip
billing_address_country BillingCountry
shipping_address_street ShippingStreet
shipping_address_city ShippingCity
shipping_address_state ShippingState
shipping_address_postalcode ShippingZip
shipping_address_country ShippingCountry
phone_office Phone
phone_fax Fax
industry Industry
description Description
rating Rating
ownership Ownership
account_type Type
sic_code SIC
ticker_symbol Ticker
website URL
employees Employees

Contacts and Leads

SugarCRM Sugar Market
-- ContactID (primary key)
Sugar's Contact ID (primary key) ID
Account_id (foreign key) AccountID (foreign key)
Assigned_user_id (foreign key) OwnerID (foreign key)
-- CRMType (Differentiates between Contact and Lead)
-- CreatedDate
-- LastUpdate
Date_entered ExternalCRMCreatedDate
Date_modified1 ExternalCRMUpdatedDate
First_name FirstName
Last_name LastName
Email1 Email
Opt_out2 OpOut
(Does not map) Source
Title Title
Phone_work PhoneNumber
Phone_mobile MobilePhone
Primary_address_street MailingStreet
Primary_address_street2 MailingStreet2
Primary_address_city MailingCity
Primary_address_state MailingState
Primary_address_postalcode MailingZip
Primary_address_country MailingCountry

1 The Date_modified field is the field that Sugar Market uses to determine if the record has been updated since the last successful sync to evaluate if the record needs to be synced.

The Opt_out field is surfaced in the email address database table. This database table is in relation to the contact database table. Within a contact report in Sugar CRM, the Opt_out field can be selected from the "Email Adress" related module.

Note: Sugar Market only has a Contact table that we use to pull down Sugar's Contact and Lead table into. We differentiate Contacts and Leads by the Sugar Market's CRMType field.


SugarCRM Sugar Market
-- OpportunityID (primary key)
Sugar's Opportunity ID (primary key) ID
Account_id (foreign key) AccountID (foreign key)
Assigned_user_id (foreign key) OwnerID (foreign key)
Lead_source LeadSource
Description Description
Name OpportunityName
Sales_stage Stage
Date_Closed ClosingDate
Amount_usdollar Amount


SugarCRM Sugar Market
-- UserID (primary key)
Sugar's user ID (primary key) ID
Email1 Email
First_name First_name
Last_name Last_name
User_name Username
Full_name Name
Phone_work PhoneNumber
Phone_mobile Cell
Address_street Address1
Address_city City
Address_state State
Address_postalcode Zip
Address_country Country
Address_title JobTitle


Push Only - Sugar Market's Task to SugarCRM's Activity

SugarCRM Sugar Market
-- TaskID (primary key)
Sugar's Activity ID (primary key) ID
Sugar's Contact ID (foreign key) ContactID (foreign key)
Date_Start DueDate
Date_due DueDate
Description Descriptiontext
Name Subject
Status Status
Priority Priority

Sugar Market Fields Sync to SugarCRM

The following table provides descriptions of Sugar Market fields that are pushed to SugarCRM. 

Module Field Description
Campaigns Bounced_c The number of bounced emails in the campaign
Delivered_c The number of delivered emails in the campaign
Forwards_c The number of emails forwarded in the campaign
Notreported_c The number of emails not clicked, not opened, or not delivered in the campaign
Peoplewhoclicked_c Not currently used
Peoplewhoopened_c Not currently used
Postdate_c The date that the campaign was sent, in yyyy-mm-dd format
Sent_c The number of emails sent in the campaign
Social_c Not currently used
Totalclicks_c The number of clicks in the campaign
Totalopens_c The number of opens in the campaign
Unopened_c The number of emails unopened in the campaign; calculated as the number delivered, minus the number opened
Unsubscribed_c The number of people who unsubscribed from emails in this campaign
Contacts Sf_lastactivity_default_c The datetime of the last activity in Sugar Market for this contact
Emails Salesfusionemail_c Identifies whether the specified email is from Sugar Market or not. All emails pushed from Sugar Market will have a value of 1.
Leads Sf_lastactivity_default_c The datetime of the last activity in Sugar Market for this lead
Prospects Clicked_c The number of clicks that the prospect has made for the most recent email sent to said prospect
Deliverymessage_c Delivery message for the most recent email sent to the prospect
Deliverystatus_c Delivery status for the most recent email sent to the prospect
Forms_c Not currently used
Friendforward_c Identifies whether the prospect has forwarded the most recent email through the "forward to a friend" button
Opened_c The number of times that the prospect has opened the most recent email sent to said prospect
Unsub_c Identifies whether the prospect has unsubscribed from the most recent email received