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Troubleshooting Network Performance


If you are experiencing issues with latency or uploading files, you can troubleshoot your internet connectivity using this article.

Speed Test

A great tool in troubleshooting network latency is to run a speed test. You can do this by navigating to Once the page has loaded, click "Begin Test". The results of this test should be comparable to the rates you have purchased from your ISP. If they are not, you should contact your ISP and notify them. Please note that when running a speed test you should avoid being connected to any unnecessary VPNs.

Test With Another ISP

Sometimes it is beneficial to use an alternative ISP to see if issues are persistent. To do this, you should first note the ISP you are using. If you do not know your current ISP, you can navigate to and note the ISP provider listed under your IP address in the bottom left corner. Next, you should connect your device to an alternate network whether at home, the office, a local coffee shop or restaurant using a different ISP. To verify the new location's ISP, you can use the same steps to make sure it does not match your ISP. If it does, you should find a new location from which to test.

Check Proxy Settings

Proxy settings can sometimes be the cause of unwanted behavior and can be defined on a specific browser or the overall operating system. Proxy settings can be set various way and it is even possible that malicious software, such as spyware, has configured your proxy settings. You should verify with your IT team if your proxy is configured correctly for your network.

Mac OS

Proxy settings for Mac can be found in:

System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies

Internet Explorer

Proxy settings for Windows can be found in:

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings


Proxy settings in Chrome can be found in:

Settings > Show advanced settings... > Network > Change proxy settings...


Proxy settings in Firefox can be found in:

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings

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